Business Intelligence solution for long-term success

Created and oriented for SaaS products in a growing phase for better business optimization. Helps to do business better and earn more with the right insights.

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When do you need this?

no longer a startup OR MVP

Your software product is no longer a startup/MVP and start growing

highest customization capabilities

Your business needs the highest customization capabilities

solution for long-term perspective

You are looking for the most optimal BI solution for long-term perspective

No Limitation

You are not satisfied with simplified or limited functionality

You need this if you

  • Want to spend your money wisely
  • Went to market and start getting registrations
  • Don’t want to loose time developing from scratch
  • Need to guide your software product towards the right direction

Is it better than other cloud solutions?


The solution price equals to only 2 years of using similar cloud tool


You get the maximal level of customization


You fully control your sensible  business data, and can better protect it.

Own IP

You own 100% of its IP right after buying the solutions.

Education Included

We provide 3 hours of education of how to use this solution and get correct insights.

BI and data science services

  • We provide BI and data science services to implement custom requirements
  • We are cheaper than many others ($49 per hour)
  • Experienced in SaaS finanies and economics
  • Highly skilled BI experts, data scientists, and financial analysts

Dedicated team hiring process

Hiring IT engineers today can be a big issue in any country, but we have already done it, you just have to choose people for your project development.

1 step

Discuss Your Needs

30 mins is enough to understand who you need. Request a call through our contact form.

2 step

Select Engineers

After the call we will send CVs of our experts based on your requirements and you choose right people.

3 step

Job Interview

As soon as you picked CVs, you can have on-line interview with engineers person-to-person.

4 step

Signing a contract

To assure you in total safety, we sign NDA to protect your IP, DPA to protect data and MSA for our services.


Our solution is ready to be deployed

We invested 4 years into creating and polishing this solution to suit all the needs of software products.

Chief Executive Officer