Custom pharmacy application

Customers can use the App to register with the pharmacy and fill out their entire medical information, their attending physician's and their preferred contact information privately and securely using encryption. Also, depending on the code, we can customize some pharmacy app functions like a payment method, the list of available goods, a delivery method, etc.

portfolio project

Team: 3 engineers

February, 2017 - present

project management cloud  Canada


This project is a continuation of another application, which we are working on. They have the same functional part. The only difference is the ability to customize the application. At the moment we allow customizing the healthcare app design. The idea is that the application is one, but there are several designs. The user installs the application and specifies the code of the pharmacy, and it has its own app customizer design, which is displayed depending on the code. Also, the user can customize some of the application functions such as the payment method, the list of available products or delivery method. Also, in the future, we plan the connection of custom app builder of additional external services. For example, reminder and live chat.


  • Cordova 6.5.0; 
  • Jquery mobile; 
  • Google analytics; 
  • Html; 
  • Js;
  • Phonegap.

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