Interactive and trading education portal

The unique mix of a financial trading tool and webinar platform that teaches brokers how to trade and allows to do it right there. The integration with different advanced services enables to download webinars out of the current base, analyze and rank video according to certain parameters, provide transactions, register new users and more.

portfolio project

Team: 12 engineers

Sep, 2016 - Present

project management cloud  Great Britain


We were asked to create an information portal for teaching people the basic and advanced techniques in the financial markets. This portal is a marketing tool for the broker that helps to sell broker’s products - different financial instruments (including MT4) which are taught how to use.

Integration with webinarjam

  • The integration enables the use webinarjam service, all its charms and to download webinars out of the base and not to create them from the beginning.
  • Registration of webinar visitors on our website in the webinarjam
  • Webinarjam was customized according to client’s needs - new fields were added for webinars.

Integration with jwplayer service

  • Download videos from jwplayer, caching online
  • Video branding
  • Custom HTML5 player that looks like we need it
  • Analysis on the number and ranking of video views according to various parameters
  • Extra fields were added to video content in jwplayer to fit client’s requirements.

Integration with МТ4

MT4 Account sales is one of the broker products, that’s why we provide an integration with it.

  • Opening an account - user registration
  • Balance review - in the Client Area
  • Transactions in МТ4 (deposit or МТ4) - occurs when a person commits Deposit and Withdrawal

FCA compliance and integration with ID3

We gather documents and information of the user during registration and validate it in the ID3 system - human status verification system.

Integration with Cake

The service of affiliate advertising campaigns allows to our project:

  • To pay the money to affiliates for the fact that they lead the traffic
  • To register affiliate partners
  • To track CPC, CPL and CPA conversions with data transfer directly to the Cake
  • To serve more than five types of CPL Conversion
  • To serve more than ten types of CPA conversion for three different directions

Integration with CRM Salesforce

  • Lead generation - JOIN US NOW form, which is filled when a person got interested in the service, so a sales manager can contact him later.
  • Registration of three types of clients:  
  1. Ordinary clients, participants of exchange trades;
  2. Brokers, which lead to other brokers and receive a percentage of their trades, as in network marketing;
  3. Affiliates - people who just have to provide advertising to get the profit;
  • Using Salesforce as a direct client base - SF is the main base for us, so anything is happened with our own base, we can upload all information from SF.
  • Authentication through SF  - in order not to create a database with the features and salespeople from the beginning, and to use ready-made base, which was led before.
  • Using Salesforce as an integration base - we can upload clients data from other SF bases (another broker products) so they get an access to our portal.


  • Back end: PHP5 / Symfony2 / Twig, Composer​
  • Front end: AngularJS / Bootstrap / Gulp / Bower / NPM
  • Database: MySQL
  • Server software, Continuous Integration Server: Debian / BitBucket(Git) / Jenkins(CI/CD pipeline) / Nginx / Apache2 / PHP5-fpm / AWS EC2 / Codeception / Clover Code Coverage / PHPDocumentor / Zabbix / Logstash / Docker / SSL A+ rating config

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