Hire a dedicated software development team

to work long-term with the highest efficiency

Our dedicated teams can be self-contained or integrated into your core team. We strive to be an extension and integral part of your business being transparent and easy to manage.

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Why Us?

More than 160 software development engineers, 17+ years on the market building dedicated teams for enterprises and IT products.


Projects ever made in all industries for customers from different countries


Dedicated teams working right now to deliver great results for businesses


Industries with deep understanding of details and does and don'ts


Customers with more than 5 years of successful collaboration

Reasons for a dedicated project team

Check these reasons. If any of them suits your case, a dedicated team will definitely perform better.

You have lots of work with a plan for many months but no hands and heads in the team;

You want to get more favorable rates while you are ready to pay a monthly fee;

You have a fairly successful and actively developing project and it's too late to outsource; 

You need a deeper integration of engineers into the core team and a closer connection with the business;

There is a lot of technical debt - a lot of work that was not important in the earlier stages of the product;

You need staffing flexibility and no headache with facilities, taxes, legal issues, accounting, HR & recruiting.

Why our team model is safe?

We work hard to create a safe and confident custom  support processes.

NDA and DPA agreement

We take responsibility for nondisclosure of important business matters and privacy of your customers' data.

Responsible employees

Each employee taken to the team is signed in to the DPA.

Fully insured business

Even if something goes wrong from our side, you do not risk your money. Our company is completely insured.

ISO 27001 certified

We provide the best security practices within a dedicated team.

Dedicated team hiring process

Hiring IT engineers today can be a big issue in any country, but we have already done it, you just have to choose people for your project development.

Step 1 - Discuss Your Needs

30 mins is enough to understand who you need. Request a call through our contact form.

Step 2 - Select Engineers

After the call we will send CVs of our experts based on your requirements and you choose right people.

Step 3 - Job Interview 

As soon as you picked CVs, you can have on-line interview with engineers person-to-person.

Step 4 - Signing a Contract

To assure you in total safety, we sign NDA to protect your IP, DPA to protect data and MSA for our services.

Benefits to hire dedicated offshore developers

Building a dedicated team is not just about hiring people. We ensure the team works effectively and supply everything needed for long-term cooperation.

Experienced in onboarding

We start a team with the most relevant engineers who already had experience in similar solutions.

Established processes

We are very flexible and create teams as efficiently as possible for the needs of the client to integrate better.

Strong HR & recruiting

We not only hire but also monitor the team throughout the entire life cycle. The team is always in its best shape.

Collaboration manager

He helps all team members to integrate into the core team and makes sure the collaboration goes smoothly.

Optimal company size

We are mature not to make many of the mistakes inherent in small companies, but not so large that our rates cease to be effective.

Constant improvement

We upgrade your team - employee education which is free for you, but we make sure that they are familiar with the latest technologies.

Simple payment & billing

Once a month, according to the company invoice, and not to each employee (i.e. minus the extra accounting headache and costs).

No legal costs and headache

We make sure that everything is legal, so we provide accountants and legal advisors, Payroll, and taxes for your developers.

Successful cases with a dedicated software development team

We started these projects a long time ago, they grew with us, became successful and now we are already an integral part of these businesses.

11 engineers for task management tool

The team for this project was created to support the core team in Canada, where on the client's side were database, backend devolopers and devops.

  • 1 UI/UX designer
  • 4 Front-end developers
  • 2 Python backend developers
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 1 Requirement analyst and 1 project manager

34 experts for courier SaaS platform

We started with a dedicated team of 6 IT engineers in 2007 and today it is a large IT department that works closely with a core business team in the UK. 

  • 6 ReactJS/Redux frontend developers and 1 UI/UX designer
  • 2 Backend architects
  • 10 Java back end developers
  • 3 SQL and noSQL database engineers
  • 2 Devops and 5 QA engineers
  • 3 Requirement analysts and 2 project managers

7 developers for online consulting platform

Our team created a development plan for Scrum according to the client's requirements, taking into account also the design, architecture of the backend, and deployment.

  • 1 Frontend JS developer
  • 1 Data scientist and computer vision engineer
  • 2 .NET backend developers
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 Project manager and requirement analyst

14 engineers for trading platform

Within a month we organized a team who was self-sufficient and did all the job started from analyzing requirements sent by the product manager and up to final delivery and support.

  • 3 Frontend developers and 1 UI/UX designer
  • 1 Java backend senior architect and 2 backend developers
  • 2 Database engineers
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 1 Devops
  • 1 Requirement analyst and 1 project manager

The range of dedicated developers and technology stack

More than 160 software development engineers accurately selected with experience in 100+ technologies.

34 Web front-end developers

Javascript experts using ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS with many additional libraries ready to build intuitive and easy-to-use UIs.

41 Back-end developers

Using Java, .NET, PHP and Python stacks with strong experience in microservice architecture and automated tests.

10 Dedicated mobile developers

Primarily working on ReactNative and Flutter but also supporting native mobile languages to create the best applications.

23 Database & big data engineers

Using all known SQL platforms paired with Cassandra, Mongo, Redis, Memcache, Elastic to achieve fast data processing and storing databases.

12 Careful devops engineers

Maintaining and setting up cloud infrastructures on Google Cloud, AWS or MS Azure with CI/CD automation to assure smooth continuous and development.

16 Quality assurance engineers

With solid understanding of Quality Assurance process and test scenarios development experience, they reduse the risk of disappointment.

8  AI / ML / Data scientists

AI/ML for recognition, prediction, computer vision using Python, TensorFlow, Keras. Data science with Python and R languages using tools like Google DataStudio, Tableau, QlikView.

5 Requirement analysts

With wide experience in analysing requirements for many industries and making UML specifications, our dedicated requirement analysts make sure to meet all your expectations.

7 Reliable project managers

With great understanding of IT management processes and scrum techniques, our experts take all responsibilities to implement your project withing agrees timeframe. 

Get their help in building a dedicated team

These people are always ready to contact you, study your business, discuss the next steps and figure out what kind of dedicated development team is better for your needs.

expert in project management

Nik Chernega

Exp: 9 years

A senior collaboration manager who settled down cooperation between customers and remote development teams for 20+ projects.

expert in project management

Dmitry Kresin

Exp: 17 years

SaaS product, business, and marketing expert who launched 20+ startups and consulted them on business aspects.

expert in project management

Xenia Reznichenko

Exp: 8 years

The head of delivery and a senior scrum master who settled development processes in more than 15 SaaS projects.

expert in project management

Egor Taldykin

Exp: 16 years

A leading senior developer and software architect who created backend and frontend architectures and leaded development in more than 15 projects.

Our dedicated team is ready to rescue your project

Hiring and team-building of dedicated software developers can be a complicated task, a long and expensive process in all countries. That’s why we take it upon ourselves allowing the client to focus on business development.

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