27 January 7 PM (PST)

Scaling SaaS: How You Should Do It

How to Create and Lead Transformational Change

Your SaaS business is stuck at one level and you can't show multiple growth of MRR as earlier
Seems familiar to you?
  • You are the only leader
  • Lack of competencies inside the team
  • Lose focus on what really matters
  • Poor business processes inside the company
  • Team resists changes
  • Competitors override you
  • Disorganization when growing too fast

Who will especially benefit from this webinar

SaaS Founders

You will discover the top 10 mistakes that lead product to failure, which skills your team will need to grow SaaS faster and best practices scaling SaaS.


You will give how to set smart goals for your product and gather the development team that will achieve them.

Product Managers

During webinar, we will talk about how to prioritize product features backlog, which north star metrics should you focus on and how to manage the developer’s team to deliver new features in time

Companies that gained profit from Ardas






You will learn

  • Practical ways how different departments can work together to measure and produce results
  • Stack of growth tools to make your team aligned & engaged
  • Set specific goals in terms of turnover, employees, and profits
  • How to find the direction in which your company will grow and find your unique path
  • How to turn big goals into plans with steps to accomplish them
  • The real example of how to scale SaaS from startup to a 15M$ company

Who is the speaker?

Andrew Ryzhokhin, an owner of 3 SaaS products

Three marketing SaaS tools rised from zero and achieved a total valuation of $75M in 9 years. Growing 7% monthly, 150 people working, 2 marketing departments, 1 big development family. Sharing this experience now.

18 years in developing B2C and B2B SaaS solutions in many industries

While being a co-owner and CEO of Ardas, we developed an infrastructure that creates and maintains SaaS solutions of any kind and complexity level.

Organized long-term development maintenance in 30+ products

Since day 1 of web development, we learned how to be an effective strategic development partner for each of our customer. Sharing my knowledge in collaboration with business teams today.


Statistics say that 92% of SaaS products shut down their operations in 3 years regardless of funding

Join the webinar to learn how to bootstrap and scale your SaaS startup RIGHT.

Building a SaaS product is a long route

The webinar program was created by owner for C-level and owners. No water, just facts, examples of own products, practical experience that can be used in your project.

Chief Executive Officer