Who is the speaker?

Andrew Ryzhokhin, an owner of 3 SaaS products

Three marketing SaaS tools rised from zero and achieved a total valuation of $75M in 9 years. Growing 7% monthly, 150 people working, 2 marketing departments, 1 big development family. Sharing this experience now.

18 years in developing B2C and B2B SaaS solutions in many industries

While being a co-owner and CEO of Ardas, we developed an infrastructure that creates and maintains SaaS solutions of any kind and complexity level.

Organized long-term development maintenance in 30+ products

Since the day 1 of web development we learned how to be an effective strategic development partner for each of our customer. Sharing my knowledge in collaboration with business teams today.

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Bringing the SaaS from a startup to a $25M company
  • the successful case of our customer stripo.email that was created from scratch
  • becoming TOP 3 in the industry, marketing department and promotion
  • setting up an initial team, launching MVP
  • refactoring and why it is important
  • security audit, fixes, fraud, etc.
  • increasing the load and introducing big data
  • support team - when and how to create it
  • finances, investments, ROI
  • internal data analysis and why we need it
  • planning and optimizing pricing plans
  • pivots and alternative ways to make money
High load B2B SaaS solution from MVP to $30M company
  • the successful case of esputnik.com that was created from scratch
  • becoming a leader in CIS countries
  • setting up an initial team, launching MVP
  • refactoring and why it is important
  • ML, AI and how this was used for customers
  • acquiring a recommendation platform
  • increasing the load and introducing big data
  • support team - when and how to create it
  • finances, investments, ROI
  • internal data analysis and why we need it
  • planning and optimizing pricing plans
The successful case of our transportation customer
  • 12 years collaboration between us and Courier Exchange
  • setting up an offshore department with 5 members
  • growing the development team to 34 members in 2021
  • collaboration with local CTO and business team
  • collaboration with product owner - playing an important role in the whole business
  • contract models we used, important legal aspects
  • dedicated team VS. outstaffing - why we prefer dedicated team
The evolution cycle of a SaaS business
  • main phases and stages of a SaaS product
  • risks structure on different phases and how to minimize them
  • team organization through the whole life cycle
  • when and why you will more likely loose people
  • motivation of principal people
  • should anything be outsourced at all
  • why costs always grow
  • finances, investments, ROI
How to create an effective offshore development team
  • offshore team is not the same as outsourcing
  • main phases and stages of a SaaS product
  • what people are needed for different phases
  • typical traps and mistakes when setting up a team
  • collaboration between development and business teams
  • why engineers leave today
  • motivation in a SaaS product
  • preventing demotivation on early stages
The SaaS MVP development cost estimation
  • the best approach to develop MVP
  • estimation based on team monthly cost
  • structure of the team needed to deliver SaaS MVP
  • stabilization phase - how to estimate its cost
  • getting ready for post MVP phase
  • pivots - should they be part of estimation?
  • estimation based on experience
The CTO role in a software product company
  • three different stages of SaaS product
  • technical goals on all stages
  • CTO responsibilities through the whole life cycle
  • different CTO profiles
  • outsourcing CTO role - is it a good idea
  • local or remote, inhouse or offshore
The last developer is leaving a growing product
  • rescuing a fintech SaaS from Netherlands flinqer.com
  • loosing developers on a post MVP phase - why this happens
  • urgent project handover
  • taking over CTO role
  • helping with closing B2B customers
  • part-time contract vs. dedicated team
The development process that leads to success
  • defining business goals, understanding and setting up
  • creating roadmap and priority scope
  • defining technology stack and tools
  • creating resource plan and team onboarding plan
  • planning and metrics are your best friends
  • processes are road to success
  • define, plan, implement and review
Flawless delivery in a SaaS product
  • initial and minimal configuration for an MVP
  • staging environment
  • server configuration that is easy to extend and scale
  • performance tricks
  • CI/CD best practices
  • test automation and their place in CI/CD
  • monitoring server activity
  • non-functional requirements and how they could impact on infrastructure
Hiring engineers or creating an offshore team
  • lack of skills and growing salaries
  • what you are facing when hiring engineers
  • risks that must be predicted and estimated
  • real costs per each engineer
  • who and how creates an offshore team
  • how offshore team cam boost the product
What is under the hood in a SaaS product
  • funding the startup - all issues with funding and investors
  • post MVP issues - why they appear
  • technical dept - when it appears and how to handle it
  • refactoring - why it is necessary
  • security issues - why and when to expect them
  • growing load - how to scale your product
  • competitorship - what will happen when you reach the TOP

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