Software Escrow Service

A financial arrangement service for software developers and their clients where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. The service allows to upload any documents or code, to invite client to a project and to request for arbitrage.

portfolio project

Team: 6 engineers
Sep, 2016 - Jan, 2017

project management cloud  USA


We were asked to create a service for software developers and their clients. The primary purpose of source code escrow is to allow the user (a developer) to upload to this service the code of a project where the second party (a client) can observe it, but do not have access directly to the code to receive it from the secure escrow services. If the developer does not fulfill his obligations, the customer can request arbitration from the system and require the issuance of the source code of the product. Our task was to develop this service from the scratch.

Major features

  • Chance to upload any documents or code with inability to download it; 
  • Ability to invite client to a project, so he could supervise the updates; 
  • Ability to request for arbitrage.

Admin panel

The project is divided into two parts: the website with admin panel ( the content part which is controlled by the client) and actually the project which is based on Java and Angular 2 without any editing capabilities.


The design during custom software application development was done according to client’s requirements and mockup. It is a web project with an adaptive layout for tablets.


Integration with payment service


  • Back end: Java 8, Spring Boot, Symfony
  • Front end: Angular 4 / Gulp / Bower / NPM
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Server: Ubuntu / Git / Jenkins(CI/CD pipeline) / Nginx / Digital ocean / Logstash / Docker

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