Whether the voice search can make your business successful?

Audio search is one of the latest trends, so we suggest you find out how to customize it to fit your internet business ideas.

Audio software development - old school version

We would like to start with a question on filling - if you want to know, who is the head of the Microsoft now, what would you enter in a search query:
a) If you are sitting at the computer?
b) If you use voice assistant Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Now?

We bet that in the first case, you would enter something like «Microsoft CEO». In the other case, your question would have sounded more natural: «Who is the CEO of Microsoft?» 

As you can see, we unconsciously change our behavior, depending on the way of searching.

Current demand in audio search 

There is a significant increase in search traffic through audio requests at the moment, but so far it does not affect the overall strategy of internet marketing. Google increases the number of queries, the result of which can be obtained without having to go to a third-party site. Virtual Assistants (Now by Google, Alexa by Amazon or Siri by Apple) happily recite the information to user or show the page with the issue.

In most cases, people use voice search on their mobile devices. They are logged into their accounts and have GPS turned on, thus, the geo-targeting plus personalization will work pretty well. If you have a geo-dependent niche (café, hairdressing salon, car wash, etc.), it is necessary to take into account and maximally include relevant ranking factors: contacts on your website, Google Local Business, a mention in the content, perhaps, a local reference ranging.

One of the new places where people are looking for information, are cars with integrated operating system. However, they are still unable to engage in constructive dialogue with the user, but the possibility certainly will appear in the future. The growth of audio search and rapid response statistics is a greater demand for previously ignored key types of queries and result types. At present, changes are insignificant, but some of them are still worth the attention.

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The forecast from Ardas experts

  • The number of short answers grows. Search engines will offer more information in ready-made form without going to the source. This requires specific logic from the machine and a full understanding of the context, but if the system of the largest search engines continue to evolve, there are no problems.
  • Search engines will remove the middleman. If the machine can formulate a response with fewer characters than the third-party sources, draw a graph or table, then why refer to other sites ?! It will act as search engines. Resources owners have to analyze how content meets the trend of fast and accurate laconic answers.

What requests one should not rely on?

Given that search engines will respond to many requests on their own, you need to focus on those that are still difficult to understand by the machine. For example, the promotion of the phrase "sports analysis" is well-founded and with the request "game results", the search engine will easily provide information from their sources.If it is possible to sum up the content of the site to present to the user in a simple format, the resource is more likely to retain traffic. Otherwise, it is under threat in the long term.

How to set up your resource?

The growing popularity of new types of the search makes us highlighting several perfectly logical trends:

  • Selection of keyword phrases requires special analysis either for mobile devices and traditional desktops. There will appear the need for tools that perform the "mic" query and show.asound the results in controlled conditions.
  • The structure of the response should be optimized to the format used by search engines in the final answers. The website, containing precise answers to the questions, will be ranked higher and if there is a suitable resource information in the right format, the machine will show the result in the form of a ready-made answer with a link. Moreover, the map fragment of the issue has not necessarily a negative impact on conversion rates. Often, a user wants to get more information and clicks on the link, while the owner of the resource may show some ads.
  • Pay attention to the volume rather than the percentage of audio requests. According to forecasts, by the end of the decade the proportion of requests through assistants will increase to 60% of the total number, but also the classic text will retain a significant part.

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Do not immediately re-qualify for promotion according to the audio search. While considering it as an additional tool.

To sum up, today voice search has more questions than answers. A lot will depend on how and what changes the search engines will be introduced into their algorithms, interfaces and reporting organization.

Today, the voice search is still converted to text and search engines eventually display the usual issuance. Therefore, there is an increase of the voice search share and changes to the search engine optimization are few, especially in geo-independent niches.

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