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It will never appear from just anywhere.
We work hard to make it happen.

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Our successful project management is the success of our customer. We value our reputation, that is why it is important for us that the ready-made product will meet your expectations.

Project planning and management

Clear price

You won’t face any hidden hazards by way of unexpected payments. We appreciate your time and do not beat about the bush. All the projects are provided at the agreed time.

project planning and scheduling


Every project is a point of honor for us. Our team comes to the task with full responsibility for the final result and does our best to implement all your requirements.


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We find a convenient time and adapt to your schedule. It is the priority for us to keep you informed of all the achievements so you won’t experience any deficits in communication.

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We speak English!

Our level of English is enough to discuss and explain all technical details, to read and write the necessary documentation and the most important - real-life communication.

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Kindred culture

Ukraine nurtures a deep desire to be more European and we feel we have a similar mentality driving us forward. Our desire includes the need to forge relationships within Europe as well as America.

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We can listen

We can and we want to hear all your requirements to provide the product that you wanted, and not what was easier for us to complete.

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Quality control software

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Latest technologies

We believe that the quality of final result depends on the applicable tools. That is why we use just the latest technologies and methodologies in testing.

Automated testing

Automated testing

Active use of automated testing can reduce testing costs and ensure continuous quality control (partially without people's participation).

Free Focus Group

Free Focus Group

We use, try and test the developed software by ourself as the first users. Thus, our customer receives free group feedback to find an opportunity to improve some details if needed.

Successful project management

we provide the resultYou make the order - we provide the result

We understand that time is money, that is why we have eliminated the need for you to be distracted with micromanaging and baby sitting our developers. We will notify you about any changes in the project.

Planning meetingsPlanning meetings according to your schedule

Project planning and scheduling. You are able to check what is new with the project and add your corrections if needed. We can arrange control meetings every day or 1-2 times per week.

Budget controlBudget control for reasonable flow of funds

You will receive regular status updates, hourly reports and supervise the transparent workflow plan to monitor all expenses.

project management softwareOur performance does not require overmanagement

Due to all the communication tools and a standardized process, you will not have any additional running costs  and thief of time for management.