United Kingdom, 2020 - Present
5 engineers

An advertisement SaaS application for higher conversion and making revenue on viewing ads

A revolutionary way to show ads and receive rewards for viewing them. Built as a SaaS application, it helps people view only relevant and needed ads, thus generating revenue. It gives any business a tool to expose their ads with much higher conversion and effectively target them to those who really love to see your ads.


Technical stack includes:

VueJS Vuex jQuery Slick Moment
DataTables Google Charts Nodejs Express Ejs Firebase Java AWS Elastic Beanstalk Amazon Cognito AWS Lambda Nightwatchjs Supertest Jest

The big goal

The goal of the project itself was to make advertising less intrusive and in principle change the paradigm of how advertising is perceived by users. Here the task was to create a marketplace in which companies display advertisements, and users could choose the advertisements they want to view. This revolutionary approach to ad impressions dramatically increases conversions, as the user avoids unnecessary annoyances and does not block everything.

The solution

To solve this problem, we decided to develop a Java-based campaign manager that is used by businesses to set up targeted advertising. And for people, we decided to develop plugins for browsers since it was the most optimal solution. In addition, a website was created where each user can create their own account and manage the settings for viewing ads. Since this system can receive money for viewing ads, you can manage billing in your account.

Our involvement

We appeared in this project when on the client's side, there were only the CEO and CTO, who was engaged in business and technical direction. They have created a certain basis, but further alone, it would have been difficult for them to cope with the entire spectrum of tasks. At that moment, we got to know each other and decided that on our part, we would assemble a team that would work under the guidance of their CTO, and we would take over most of the development including fixing and rewriting the old script, creating new browser plugins, front-end, and backend.

The collaboration

The team we assembled consisted of five people: the developer of Browser plugins based on Javascript, a front-end developer for the campaign manager, a backend developer to fix and modify it together with the client's developer, a QA from our side, and a BA who coordinated the team. The MVP of the project was developed for 4 months, and as soon as it was done, we added early adopters. After the first release, we entered a long-term project support cycle with the same team and worked on the improvements for six months.

campaign manager

Campaign manager

A campaign manager is an interface for businesses where they create their advertising campaigns, similar to how it is implemented in social networks. The client creates an advertising campaign, uploads creatives, adds a description, and links where the campaign should lead. Next, a client makes an event to determine the scenario of how the campaign should be displayed. Also, in the client's personal account, you can see the conversion of views and reports on payments.

Advertisement Targeting

A user who watches an advertisement has his account, where he can enter all the targeting settings. This is a person's personal information, such as gender, age, education, profession, and other personal data, including other niches, based on which ads will be shown to him.

All blank information is highlighted in a certain way to lead the user to completion and make targeting more accurate.

advertisement targeting
rewards and finances

Rewards and Finances

The system implements billing, which calculates how much the user earned from viewing ads. He or she can withdraw the earned funds and view the payment history.

Browser Extensions

We have developed extensions based on javascript for browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. All this is based on a single code and compiled for different browsers. To get permission to publish these extensions, we had to consider each browser's security requirements.

browser extensions
set up pixel

Mobile Support

The client wanted all extensions to work in the mobile version, but their work turned out to be quite problematic in practice. Therefore, now we are looking for a technical solution so that all extensions work in the mobile version of browsers.

Set Up Pixel

Similar to the other systems, we can install our pixel on the client's site in the campaign manager. You can get the code that the client inserts into his site and can track all events that take place on the website and collect them on the main server. For this, we have developed a high-load server solution that works quickly and collects big data. Thanks to this pixel, you can collect data to build reports.

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