Retail & Commerce

Highly scalable cross-platform solutions for retail and ecommerce industries.

Developing retail and commerce SaaS platforms

Let’s implement your ideas to speed up your business processes.

Custom SaaS for any kind of retail tasks

Do you have some fresh thoughts on services for retail companies? We have developed SaaS solutions in all major retail flows and we are ready to implement it for you.

SaaS platforms for ecommerce business

We have wide-ranging experience in the end-to-end ecommerce website development, off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms, and hosted ecommerce service providers (SaaS).

Solving retail and commerce backend tasks

Accounting, reporting, BI and other enterprise solutions.

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SalesForce as a powerful backend

One of the most famous and professional ERP system which helps companies integrate and manage all their financial, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting, and human resources activities.

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Business intelligence and data analysis

This is what help you to make the right decisions. Use data to understand your customers and grow your business.The development of intelligent systems to help in the business, data visualization, data drill down and analysis.

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Custom solutions for CRM and ERP tasks

Track and schedule work orders; manage projects, tasks, and resources; and, oversee the cost, time, and resources. Using software that can bridge the gap between the tools used in the enterprise marketplace and small- and medium-sized businesses is the first step to business success.

Ecommerce mobile applications

Custom software development for ecommerce, mobile apps, and enterprise-class web-based apps.

web portals for businessApplications for web stores

Do more with web apps, by selling your products easily with flexibility anytime and anywhere. Accompany web stores with a better and smoother UI, mobile/tablet optimized solutions and mobile specific features.

web portals for businessAffiliate applications

Integrating with big ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Aliexpress, Popshops and many others which help you to bring huge range of items (goods) to mobile users and make money on selling them.

Ecommerce website development

We focus on your web store business, not just development.

Magento web stores

The development of online stores on the coolest and the most popular, professional system in the world - Magento. Writing custom modules for Magento. Magento mobile app integration with various third-party services. Migrating from older versions of Magento.

Custom ecommerce solutions

.NET, Java, PHP and any other self-made online stores, usually larger ones. Here is the transformation of the services on the well-known platforms, legacy code refactoring, bringing new technologies into old school solutions.

Actual outcome in marketing and sales

We will help you organize the necessary complex of works on promotion for your store or product and save your budget

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Web site promotion

We will select and plan the marketing strategy taking into account the specifics of the business and market situation.

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SEO, SMM, Content marketing

We will provide SEO review, will implement all the cool SEO practices on your website and help with content marketing and SMM.

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Email campaign automation and marketing

We know how to lead email marketing and make it effective for companies of any size.

Need an eCommerce site or another solution?

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