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Optimize the expenses, agility and scalability of your IT environment, by taking the best of your current infrastructure and integrating it with the cloud system.

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Facing such issues with cloud migration?

These problems are common in complex server-side solutions. Perhaps you haven't considered that the issues during cloud migration can be solved much more elegant.

Hidden costs

Insufficient up-time or a high price - extra work of the sysadmin.

Lack of capacity

Low scalability that does not allow for easy pulling of the growing load.

Staff surplus 

Too much of server administration, the staff of sysadmins is too big.

Time wasting

The costs of updating and maintaining hardware are high, as a result - more work.

Uncoordinated team

Unnecessary complexities in the removal of work, complex integration of offshore teams.

Scattered servers

Fragmented servers in different locations and you want to gather all in one.

What does cloud migration solve?

Migration to cloud solutions such as AWS, Google, Azure, thanks to our experts and gained experience, will give you the following

Increment scaling feature

With cloud migration, you can increase resources as quickly as you need to to meet the growing demand for your website or application.

Drop operational costs

Transfering your current infrastructure to the cloud will lower your operating costs and improve the efficiency of your IT processes.

Lower maintenance costs

Cloud infrastructure will save you from the ongoing expenses of maintaining equipment and servers for your project support.

Evolve your business

Migration to the cloud will allow you to expand your business geographically without maintenance, time, human resources of your local infrastructure.

24/7 access

Working in the cloud allows remote members of the team to access your software projects and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Backup & recovering

Implementing cloud backup and rescue actions reduces risks for your company while increasing business continuity and avoiding expensive business impact. 

We apply various migration strategies

The strategy depends on the complexity of your business. When you start moving the application to cloud, there are some important points that you need to consider.

Lift and shift

We move your your existing physical or virtual servers to the cloud as-is.


Our experts modify applications to better support the cloud environment.


We can access сloud that includes change of the existing licensing model.


We move your software to the cloud without major changes, but using benefits of the cloud environment.


Sometimes it is better to wait with migration if you are lacking important info or are hindered by other factors.


We identify assets that can be turned off so you can focus on services that have immediate business value.

How we prepare for cloud migration

We understand your fears of unpleasant consequences, so we get ready very carefully for the cloud migration not to break anything

  • We analyze the requirements and the situation in order to understand exactly what problems we are solving;
  • We develop a migration plan with clear priorities and synchronization with the rest of the development;
  • We work on migration strategy to transform your entire business to be more efficient;
  • We conduct cloud readiness assessment to document the complete state analysis and create a standard migration plan;
  • We evaluate current workloads, infrastructure and server configuration, security and compliance concerns;
  • We map all details to their interdependencies in the applications and thus formulate a customized migration plan.
cloud migration

Cloud migration process

Our end-to-end cloud migration approach combines industrial capabilities along with pre-configured tools, techniques, and automation for all cloud models and delivery methods such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

1 step

Cloud migration study and analysis

We will study and evaluate your infrastructure, software & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.

2 step

Cloud migration roadmap

Using data from study and analysis, we evaluate your business needs, define opportunities and advise the optimal migration roadmap.

3 step

Cloud migration planning

Our team will discover difficulties to identify required remediations helping you reduce risk, time and cost.

4 step

Cloud migration implementation

We use automated cloud migration tools to support a smooth transition, along with a transformation plan to stay on track.

FAQ about cloud migration

We identify your optimal cloud migration strategy and offer you the best solution.

What will the cloud migration give to my business?

Moving to the cloud you will achieve better agility, scalability, flexibility. We focuse on leveraging the best approaches to support you in all stages of migration from scratch through the end and ensure uninterrupted transition.

Are you migrating only from your own servers or from one cloud to another?

There is no difference from which server technology the migration is needed. Our company has been operating back in the days when there were no clouds or smartphones, and our expertise includes a full range of knowledge in server system administration.

How do I understand which migration strategy is best for my project?

Studying your project, will help you decide on the best strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partnerships to achieve a smooth transition to the cloud. 

Let's discuss cloud migration for your project

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