SaaS development for wide range of niche markets

We are ready to share our solid experience in SaaS platform development in various markets and take care of all IT aspects of this business.

SaaS for Financial Services

With a high respect to financial market needs and specifics we build secure and robast solutions for different layers of the industry

Financial trading software (FOREX, Options, etc)
Low latency applications and real time bidding platforms
Legally compliant banking & financial systems (Sarbanes Oxley)

SaaS custom software for Healthcare

We help transforming your healthcare older products into modern SaaS platforms utilizing the most innovative software and hardware tools

Medical personal data collecting software (HIPAA)

Wellness and fitness web and mobile applications

Cardiology, radiology, ophthalmology, etc data processing systems

SaaS for Engineering, Utilities & Energy

Using big data, custom electronics, data mining and monitoring we build energy saving solutions and help companies to push their engineering systems to the next level

Energy saving and managing solutions
IoT and M2M device management and control software
Remote access and workforce job scheduling systems

SaaS for Enterprise

We design, architect and optimize business processes and data flows

Business process optimization

90% of all issues in large companies hide in a wrong architecture of business processes and data flows. We aim to fix this by bringing digital solutions that supply each employee with the right tools to make a business process perfect and well polished.

Human resource optimization

A lot of business processes in big enterprises are connected with human resources. We dealed with staff management and optimization tasks. This saves money and improves processes by reducing ineffectiveness.

SaaS for Media Business

We know how to improve people experience in your media business and better engage them in your products

Content process optimization
Audio & video stream and data processing
3D and VR/AR technologies for media business

SaaS for Retail & E-commerce

We build solutions that optimize marketing budgets, increase sales and product turnover, improve market understanding and increase income as the result

B2B or B2C platforms for on or off line commerce

Monitoring systems for managing products, prices, costs, dealers in retail and commerce

Solutions for buyers and sellers

Marketing and sale solutions

Building SaaS products is our passion

We built many of them for the last 10 years and today this experience is at your service