Internet of Things (IoT) Development Services

The Internet of Things is a system where various objects interact with one another, gather data, and store it in a cloud storage. At Ardas-IT, we create high-level Internet of Things solutions. 
We have developed a wide range of applications and software solutions for SMEs and large corporations operating in healthcare, automotive, retail, and other industries.

Build Your IoT Solutions with Ardas


Intelligent systems for manufacturing

We help manufacturing companies optimize their production cycle, quality of materials, and distribution using IoT. Industrial systems developed by Ardas-IT offer energy consumption monitoring, predictive equipment maintenance, tracking for employee safety, and more. We build a complex, multi-layered architecture to help manufacturing companies gain full control over the entire Internet of Things product development cycle.

Agriculture and farming

Using custom software, our clients were able to improve agricultural management field irrigation. Through the process of continuous iterations, our developers delivered a project that covers all farming needs, automates cultivation, and provides farmers with real-time weather data.

Business management

We have used IoT to develop tools for retailers, public places, and local service providers. These solutions gather client and employee performance data, analyze it, and create reports with forecasts. Using the Internet of Things, businesses managed to increase customer impact and improve the team’s performance. An alert system warns companies about a potential risk so that they can solve an issue proactively.

Automotive industry and connected cars

Ardas-IT uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and other IoT technologies to create tools for the automotive industry. We have created solutions that use common communication models between vehicles. Our automotive solutions include:

  • Car management tools;
  • In-vehicle infotainment platforms;
  • Tools for communication between vehicles;
  • Instruments for car manufacturing improvement.

Consider Our IoT Projects

Cooperation Models

At Ardas-IT, you will have a say in every stage of the IoT development services.
Our cooperation model consists of the following:




At this stage, you’ll be given a complete rundown of all the ways Internet of Things technology can help your business scale and increase revenue. Usually, consulting sessions at Ardas-IT consist of the following steps:

  • Mapping out your business’ key objectives;
  • Designing a roadmap for IoT deployment;
  • Choosing the technologies a project would benefit from.


The next step is to build a working MVP (minimum viable product). Our team approaches prototyping as a full cycle of hardware work: minimizing risk by validating the proof of concept, working on board design, embedding IoT application development, engineering, testing, etc. 


Development and testing

Our team builds and implements IoT architecture and creates a fully working product. After the IoT software development stage is over, the project is tested by quality assurance specialists. IoT software testing at Ardas-IT consists of:

  • Detecting and solving performance issues
  • Bug Fixing
  • Front-end testing
  • Security testing

Preparation for mass production 

The team prepares all documents and specs needed to bring the product to the market. We’ll ensure the solution is legally compliant and provide manuals for end clients or employees. With this, you’ll be able to improve the quality of onboarding new employees and consulting customers. 


Continuous support

After the project is released, our IoT development company is ready to continue guiding and supporting our clients. In case you need to add new integrations or features to the project, we are ready to upgrade the existing solution.

Our Approach to Internet of Things Architecture


When building IoT architecture, we at Ardas-IT closely follow industry standards. Our solution architecture includes:

  • A physical sensing layer. This block involves a device used by a client for data gathering - either an actuator, a sensor, or an embedded device. 
  • A gateway that transfers the data between layers. 
  • IoT middleware. This IoT architecture layer is used for IoT service or device discovery, context or quality-of-service (QoS) management.
  • A security layer that protects data privacy.
  • An application layer. After being processed by middleware, the data is presented to a consumer as a report or to a device as a command. 

While designing an application architecture, we aim to provide a client with as much value as possible. In order to do this, we:

  • View a system as a whole. At Ardas-IT, a holistic approach is a must. We analyze the role of each device in the system and ensure all built-in features work seamlessly. 
  • Prioritize safety. We take time to conduct end-to-end system testing in a real-world context to ensure a solution can withstand even the rarest security attacks. 
  • Focus on the efficiency of data analysis. Based on years of experience, we know that sensors and embedded devices often collect extremely vast data sets. That’s why Ardas-IT data scientists are focused on sorting through all gathered information and prioritizing crucial data.

IoT Technologies We Use

Our Internet of Things development services are based on modern technologies to leverage the benefits of IoT. Here are the innovations we usually use for IoT product development.



IoT web application development

  • Data visualization and reporting tools that give a detailed view of data and help to make the right decisions.
  • Modern JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, VueJS, and AngularJS, which are used to achieve the best user experience.

Big data and data science 

  • Efficient big data configurations optimized for IoT solutions - custom databases based on SQL and NoSQL engines or cloud solutions like Google Firebase and/or Amazon.
  • Data analysis - charts and reports using the most powerful systems like Power BI, R Studio, Google Data Studio.
  • Machine learning and AI that helps to improve business, increase income, and automate complex decision making.


  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE);
  • GPS;
  • DC Motor Controllers;
  • Alternative current switching;
  • Intel IoT Development Boards;
  • ESP 8266. 

Why Ardas-IT?

Ardas-IT is a team of experts in full cycle IoT app development. We offer custom IoT development
and provide companies across all major industries with continuous support. We have successfully completed dozens of IoT projects. Here’s why clients prefer us over other outsource IoT development teams. 



Work with various industries

Over the years of providing Internet of Things software development services, we have gained a deep understanding of different industries. Our development process is always guided by your business goals, making it optimized for hitting your aims with minimal investment. Our product designers study IoT markets weekly and keep themselves on the cutting edge.


Highly experienced in designing mobile UI/UX

With our expertise in mobile UI/UX, we know how to engage people with different interests, ages, professions, and social background in your products. We know how to bring gamification features and simplicity to increase conversion. Our UX designers work closely with hardware engineers to make applications that interact seamlessly with devices.


We develop cheaper and better native apps with ReactNative

Our primary choice today is ReactNative framework. It allows us to develop cost-effective and robust native applications with a JavaScript code base that are easier and cheaper to support (only JS developers are needed). Our Internet of Things development team has already built, launched, and tested many solutions using ReactNative. We provide full support for legacy native applications written in Java (Android) and Objective C / Swift (iOS) and/or can refactor them to the ReactNative app.Our team at Ardas-IT is always happy to work with ambitious, innovative companies eager to implement innovations and upscale. To discuss your future project, contact us.

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