Machine Learning

We use machine learning models to provide solutions for businesses and allow them to stay ahead of the competition. Our team helps companies solve business problems with accurate forecasts, root-cause analysis, data mining and more.


We Help You With

Biometric Verification

Any person can be uniquely identified by evaluating distinguishing biological traits. Unique identifiers include fingerprints, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves, DNA, and signatures.

Customer analytics

Our team develops analytics solution that tells a story of the past, present and the future to find hidden patterns in data to provide critical  insights and drive business change. We build solutions that resonate across several levels of an organization.

Predictive maintenance

We determine the condition of in-service equipment to estimate when maintenance is needed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based  preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when warranted.

Risk management

We modernize traditional risk-management frameworks and develop or adopt new approaches that are built on strong foundations of enterprise risk management and aligned with leading practices and regulatory requirements.

AI solutions for business

We make it possible for any company to not only gather information, but also to instantly derive business insight and, perhaps even more importantly, reliably apply that insight to future business activities.

Machine learning for NLP

NLP and text analytics involves a set of statistical techniques for identifying parts of speech, entities, sentiment, and other aspects of text. The techniques applied to supervised machine learning. 

Sound recognition

Our team is highly skilled to overcome bad recording equipment, background noise, difficult accents and dialects as well as the varied pitches of people’s voices and other challenges with speech recognition.

Image & video recognition

We can power face recognition and authentication functionality for ensuring security in public places, detecting and recognizing objects and patterns in images and videos, and so on.


How we provide innovative machine learning solutions 

Step by step, we develop machine learning models that help businesses to improve their bottom line.

1. Business Analysis

We help users make sense of their business data and optimize data-driven decision-making across the board.

  1. Defining business needs a firm wants to address with machine learning.

  2. Analyzing the existing machine learning environment (if any).

  3. Designing a machine learning strategy and roadmap.

  4. Selecting optimal machine learning technologies.

  5. Deciding on machine learning solution deliverables.

2. Data Preparation

Our experts work on your data to enhance its quality and ensure that it can be easily processed and analyzed.

  1. Exploratory analysis of the existing data sources.

  2. Data collection, cleansing, and structuring.

  3. Defining the criteria for the machine learning model evaluation.

3. Building a Model

We set up models, check their efficiency and iterate until it is as transparent as possible.

  1. ML model exploration and refinement.

  2. ML model testing and evaluation.

  3. Fine-tuning the parameters of ML models until the generated results are acceptable.

  4. Deploying the ML models.

4. Valuation & Output

As soon as you approve the assessment, we go ahead with model deployment.

  1. Using quantitative and/or qualitative evaluation metrics.

  2. Providing quantitative feedback to optimize the model parameters.

  3. Once the model is developed and optimized, it can be deployed into the system/process.

5. Reporting

We provide a list of key elements to be used as a template when preparing and submitting ML-based manuscripts for the same audience.

  1. Delivering machine learning output in an agreed format.

  2. If required, implement machine learning models into an application for users’ self-service.

6. ML Model Support

Once the optimal end-to-end system is deployed, do we declare victory and move on? No! Not yet, at least.

  1. Continuous monitoring and tuning of ML models for greater accuracy.

  2. Adding new data to the ML models for deeper insight.

  3. Building new ML models to address new business and data analytics questions.

Why choose ardas


Every hour of work is used efficiently.
Every movement and every hour paid for makes sense

Estimation Accuracy

The same team that is assessing your project will work on the project that our estimates hit with 90% accuracy

Experts in Processes

We’ve been honing the processes we apply throughout our SDLC for 17 years based on experience on projects big and small

AI & ML Expertise

We’ve developed three own SaaS and more than 70 clients’ SaaS products, so we know exactly how to make your startup a unicorn

Budget in Control

No unplanned expenditure. We report on the time spent and plan the development of all subsequent stages

Fast Scaling

We eliminate everything that doesn’t add value to a product and cut the delivery cycle to win time for improvements

Successful Cases of Our Data Science Services

We can create a machine learning model, train complex deep neural networks, or apply a computer vision algorithm to achieve a well-defined business goal.

Identifying Potential VIP Clients

Language: R, TensorFlow, Keras.

Methods: Neural Networks

To identify potential VIP clients first 2 weeks of their behavior are analyzed and a prognosis for 90 days is made. We analyze when users log in, their purchases, and their likes and dislikes.

Results: 90% of VIP clients are predicted correctly. Amount of VIP clients increased twice. Found the best processing time (3 minutes). Each extra minute reduces conversion by 2%. Reduced time of VIP client processing twice. Finally, 2% of VIP clients bring in 50% of the income.

Detecting, Recognizing and Searching People by Faces in Real Time

Language: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, DLib, OpenCV.

Methods: Neural Networks, Deep Learning.

Detecting and recognizing people's faces from video cameras in shops in real time. Then building unique face landmarks and searching for the closest face in the database.

Results: Face search has 80% accuracy.


We can discover new AI solutions for your business

If you have a problem that can indeed be solved with AI/ML we would advise the best approach based on our experience. Let's have a call and discuss how your business can be improved with machine learning methods.

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