DevOps Services

All the work of our experts is based on the modern methodologies designed to deliver high-quality software faster. Our team applies IaaC and CI/CD approaches and ensures the delivery of stability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of DevOps Services.


We Help You


Minimize outages, delays, and problems that have a negative effect on your product

Technical Architecture

All infrastructure modifications, software updates, and bug fixing will be planned and agreed upon in advance.

Stakeholder Visibility

The lack of communication between development and operations teams causes slow software delivery and low quality.

Speed Up Time to Market

With our extremely systematic approach to SaaS development, you won't struggle from delaying software releases, uncontrolled overspendings and mess in project management.

Reduce and Сontrol Сosts

DevOps consulting will help you to optimize the set of tools and choose the most efficient for your custom software development.


Our DevOps Consulting Services

We work with startups, small-to-medium companies and big software products that need a dedicated DevOps team to perform cloud infrastructure optimization.

CI/CD Pipeline

We implement DevOps solutions using continuous integration and deployment approach. Our team securely writes, test, and release high-quality code with a stack of tools like Jenkins, Bluemix, etc

Process Automation

Our deployment automation services enable you to deploy your software to testing and production environments with a single-click, seamless integration and clear visibility for continuous delivery.

Testing and Control

Ardas DevOps engineers can help you configure clusters and servers to improve security. All our DevOps experts are highly skilled in the monitoring of logs and the implementation of patches.

Cost Optimization

We create a DevOps Assessment roadmap by visualizing the desired state and identifying the traceable metrics. It will take fewer investments and provide a clear picture of every step we take.

Pilot Framework Set

Our team identifies the best DevOps model and toolchain for your business needs and optimizes your existing IT structure and resource usage to meet your goals faster and with fewer errors.

Process Offtake

We help develop and automate robust infrastructure to meet growing and fast-changing business needs. Our clients enhance efficiency and track performance using monitoring tools.

Tools set for DevOps consulting

We always select technologies that are optimal for the project, minimizing the price of services and the price of cloud services.

  • AWS
  • ELK
  • GitLab CI
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Kubernetes
  •  NewRelic
  • Grafana
  • Kibana
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
  • Git Flow
  • MS Azure
  • SaltStack
  • Zabbix
  • Prometheus
  • Google Cloud

Why working with us is safe?

Work for hire

IP for all software is 100% yours

ISO 9001 certified

Well-polished management and processes

ISO 27001 certified

The highest attention to security

NDA and DPA agreement

We take responsibility for nondisclosure of important business matters and privacy of your customers' data

Fully insured business

Even if something goes wrong from our side, you do not risk your money. Our company is insured to protect your invested money into project

Clients Say About Us


Dmitry Kulaksyz

CPO, Stripo

‘’Great job’’

We started in 2016 with an idea and built a very detailed MVP plan mostly thinking about how to compete in a very busy market. We investigated all disadvantages of existing builders and designed a WYSIWYG builder that saves 50% more time than others. Later in 2019 we supported AMP language by Google for dynamic emails and became one of a few builders with the best AMP support.

Project Dates   2017 - Present

Project Summary

This startup became №1 in the world used by Amazon, McDonald's, Oracle, CocaCola, Airbnb, Uber, HP, and Cisco.

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Alex Mladenovich

Product Manager, UK

‘’Removed Problems From Us’’

Ardas was tasked with the re-development of our mature SaaS application. They initially helped us with our new hosting architecture before working with us to re-design and develop all elements of the application.

Project Dates   2007 - Present

Project Summary

Today we are proud to be a part of the highly technical and very successful SaaS solution. Building long-lasting relations is never easy, we have been accurate with all the details through the years.

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Michael O'Sullivan


‘’Ardas is very flexible’’

I have been working with Andrew and Ardas's team as CTO of INFINOX Global as a principal financial services client. Ardas's passion really stands out. I frequently connect the team to discuss strategic decisions and plans for the future.

Project Dates  2014 - Present

Project Summary

After successfully transforming this solution into an automated system we entered long-term support and evolution cycle and still update and tune this system according to customer requirements.

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FAQ about DevOps services

Focused on the customer’s business strategy, needs and success, the DevOps implementation service increases overall efficiency and agility.

What Are DevOps Services?

The aim of DevOps consulting services is to ensure that every action carried out in the software delivery process can be tracked. The DevOps as a Service system helps to ensure that the organization achieves desired outcomes and successfully follows strategies such as continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) to deliver business value. DevOps as a Service also provides feedback to the developer group when a problem is identified in the production environment.

Why Should Companies Use Outsourcing DevOps Services?

DevOps outsourcing providers have fewer problems in finding the best of the best for your projects. Entire recruitment and HR departments are working hard to create the right corporate culture, ensure the appropriate facilities and develop a corresponding reputation within a company – all to attract and retain brilliant engineers and provide you DevOps professional services.

What Services Can Be Deployed Using Devops?

With DevOps consulting, product development and optimization is faster than traditional software and infrastructure management processes. With this speed, companies can improve customer service and compete more effectively in the marketplace. In the DevOps model, the boundaries between development and operations are blurring. Sometimes these two groups are combined into one general, where engineers work on the entire life cycle of an application - from development and testing to deployment and operation - and develop a range of skills, not limited to narrow specialization.

What Do DevOps as a Service Companies Offer?

DevOps services company provides end-to-end solutions of any complexity. Our DevOps as a Service offers one-click deployment, improved product quality, and reduced maintenance costs. DaaS lets you take advantage of delegating all related tasks, management and system maintenance to the professional DevOps services company and its engineers, thus, opening the opportunity for developers to focus on product improvements and delivering new features.

Which Cloud Service Is Better Between Amazon, Azure or Google?

AWS can be considered to be much bigger than Azure and GCP in terms of functionality and maturity. However, the other two are also progressing faster to prove their market dominance.

How Much Will I Have To Pay For Cloud For My Startup In The First Year Of Work?

In the technology world, “free offers” often have many restrictions. For free cloud storage, this means limits on the size and type of data that can be hosted, bandwidth utilization, platforms (Windows or Linux), availability of backups, and technical support. This may be fine for individual users, but small businesses will likely need to pay for a service that will meet their needs. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides startups with the low-cost, easy-to-use infrastructure needed to scale and grow. The AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support. This includes up to $25,000 in free AWS Activate cloud credits valid for 2 years.

The Google Cloud Startup Program wants to help startups focus on their ideas, innovate and grow into the next great company. This currently includes up to $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits, good for 12 months.

How Much Will I Have To Pay In 3-4 Years When My System Will Serve a Bunch of Clients?

Using cloud-based solutions, you pay only for what you use, so if you don’t need extra resources you can simply scale down and not pay for them.

Will It Be Difficult To Leave The Cloud or Switch To Another Service?

A cloud migration is easier than you might think, assuming that your deVops team gains a good understanding of your software product and what each cloud provider offers.

We provide experienced DevOps for your projects

Using the best DevOps practices, cloud features and innovative tools to design, implement and manage cost-efficient cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of workflows, we ensure your success on the market.

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