Instant Communication Systems

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End-to-end encrypted solutions - Secure instant communication

DH and RSA protocols - perfect forward secrecy

Both protocols provide perfect forward secrecy. This means that even if the long-term key is leaked at a later date, the session keys for individual connections are not compromised, even if the full data stream is captured.

Proxy server - identification shield

The proxy server acts as an identification shield between the server and client. Thus, using proxy server between two users (smartphones), which transmits only messages without storing any information can be a solution to being hacked.

P2P based solutions (technology, approach) - Intelligent multimedia communication


No proxy server

The main benefit of such an approach is significant resources economy. A result of which removes the need to have a powerful server to combine audio and video for multiple users, allowing you to have group calls with high-quality data processing.

NAT Traversing Practices

Network Address Translation provides increased flexibility when connecting to the Internet. However, NAT-T technology is capable of establishing secure communications between the IPSec client and IPSec hosts through firewalls.

VoIP solutions - Enjoy the speed, flexibility, and security of unified communications

Technological approach

Effective audio and video communication over web are provided with two different approaches: SRTP + SIP\TLS or ZRTP. The choice depends on the project.

Data security

Nevertheless; both of those approaches will assure the safety of your conversations from eavesdroppers,  so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Corporate and Enterprise features - Custom business logic to process media data


Groups and access levels

Organizing users into groups with different features and setting several levels of permissions allow company users to access different features of the system.

Activities history

This feature assumes various options as message storage on the server, retrieving history, old messages review, parsing and searching by certain criteria.

File storage

Using Amazon S3 server or Cassandra allows storing files of any size with complex and specific structures. Business logic over message attachments.

Video and audio recording

Recording video and audio sessions is an indispensable option during collective work. Here you can develop and monitor solutions based on audio and video streams for further processing.

Multi user features

Screen shares, custom dashboards with flexible and business optimized functionalities are required collaboration features for convenient instant communication between employees.

Analytics and Reporting

You can analyze data and build reports to a required level of visualization. Collected information based on business intelligence features improves business monitoring and decision making.

Mobile and Web customers - Useful mobile apps that help your business to grow

Reactive web applications

Utilizing Websockets and specific features of SockJS library, custom reactive web applications are planned and developed which can be used for chats and/or various managing UIs

Camera usage on mobiles and tablets

Video streams and shots can be sent or saved on the server immediately. A tuning camera provides the opportunity of changing focus and exposure, improving camera use in specific conditions.

Audio interface

Using audio interface for voice chats improves the sound of your recordings. Aside from sound quality, it allows you to deal with multiple inputs, outputs, etc.

Calendar integration

Various custom calendar based solutions to handle your corporate events and personal celebrations which can be integrated with both Android and iOS calendars.

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