May 25, the GDPR came into force. How does this affect you?

Jun 07, 2018
Are your mailboxes also full of letters about "Changes in Privacy Policy"? This is not surprising, since on May 25 the new European regulations on the protection of personal data began to operate. Let's see what will change for users and companies..

Planning Your Software Development Budget

Feb 12, 2018
In this article we’ll explore some of the most important accounting practices, particularly as they pertain to modern software development life cycles. Then we will review some budgeting techniques to help you plan the budget more productive.

Eight books that every startupper must read

Jan 31, 2017
Do you want to start your business ideas? We have prepared a list of books that will help you to implement it in the best possible way.

How to get a client into bed

Nov 15, 2016
It is generally agreed that a sales manager is a key employee in any company, because that's who brings in the money. The latest trend in the art of sales is to find the pain points of a client and with the help of which you convince him to choose your co

Edward Snowden designs phone case to personal data

Sep 22, 2016
When Edward Snowden met with reporters in a Hong Kong hotel room to spill the NSA’s secrets, he famously asked them put their phones in the fridge to block any radio signals that might be used to silently activate the devices’ microphones or cameras.