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years in the IT


Four developers joined forces to work on a few enterprise data analysis software and outsourcing projects. After a number of successes, Ardas was established in 2005 with a focus on database design, data analysis and processing solutions, business process optimization.


Ardas started to cooperate with a representative office in the UK. Since then, our team has constantly grown and improved, eventually becoming a SaaS development company with knowledge of an extensive range of cost-effective and innovative SaaS building technologies.


The company increased its staff and extended its customer geography to the EU countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Austria.


Ardas successfully launched its first SaaS startup - Email marketing automation platform, and two years later our company became a co-owner of Softcube Recommendations Platform.


Ardas opened an office in the USA. It was a big step for our team to create an opportunity for US customers to visit us and discuss all the critical issues personally. The office includes operations, sales and project management, which make our work with American companies even more efficient and easier.


Ardas opened the third development office. We became a home for approximately 100 IT engineers.


We launched our second SaaS startup in the marketing field - Stripo Email Template Builder which is now one of the most famous and advanced email builders in the world.


We are more than 190 engineers now and we plan to have 35% growth this year. In addition, we are expecting to launch two more startups with our UK partners this year.


Launched two more startups and helped them to start gaining customers. Increased our long-term dedicated teams by 27% on the average. Increased the recruiting team and improved recruiting processes. Opened a representation in Netherlands with local partners.

At Ardas, the greatest joy and recognition of our work is the fact that our customers stay with us and work with us for years.

We value the stability and long-lasting working relationships, which is why the team of experts within our company is constantly growing, which enables us to give our full attention to each client.

Andrew Ryzhokhin
Co-founder, CEO

Our Values

Building SaaS products is our passion

We built many SaaS solutions for the last 10 years, learned a lot about this kind of business, and today this experience is at your service.

Chief Executive Officer