Web Solutions for the Real Estate Business

Effective Real Estate solutions

Functional business toolFunctional business tool

With over eight years experience developing various Real Estate solutions we know what you are looking for and do our best to meet your requirements.

Working ideas for businessWorking ideas for business

We have created more than 20 web solutions, which bring new standing customers every day. Our goal is to create a friendly business that will work for you.

Smart systems for different types of business

real estate business

Earn from your business

Promo web sites for property owners - for those who want to earn on the lease or sale of real estate business.

real estate management software

B2C systems

Multiplayer portals related to real estate - B2C systems, which connect buyers and sellers, or owners and tenants.

real estate investment software

B2B systems

An option, when one business offers a service to another business (partnership as an example).

real estate website builder

Crowdfunding systems

An opportunity for joint investment and earnings in real estate. Now it is real to buy a property with a limited budget.

Friendly booking systems


User friendly calendar which allows you to easily find the dates that are available for booking.


A convenient search system which helps you find accommodation according to different criteria.

Admin panelAdmin panel

A convenient admin panel for staff to manage all the processes associated with booking (CRM and ERP elements).

Integration with Real Estate services

Payment gatesPayment gates
Your customers will be able to easily pay for a booking or a commission for service through the Internet.

Booking services Booking services
Such services store all the booking information instead of you, but it is important to integrate properly.

Testimonial pageTestimonial page
Your guests will be able to leave a feedback about how wonderful it was to stay at your place.

Design and right on target presentation

Gallery design

Gallery design

It is important to create a beautiful gallery or slideshow of an interior and exterior to attract attention.



To help the project sell itself, we use 3D solutions, so your customer will be able to review the object from every quarter.



A clear description of the property and intuitive graphics (icons) - your customers won't  need to look for information.

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