Discovery Services

We define a high-level structure of your future software, its functions, components and connections, front-end design, as well as a back-end and database architecture that elliminates any gaps during product development cycle.


Why Do You Need Product Discovery

Product Design

In reality, 80% of the nuances are always invisible. The product design allows you to see everything that is hidden and not obvious.

Smart Usage of Money

Product design eliminates errors and unexpected rework. That means dramatically reduces development costs.

Exact Timing and Cost

Designing allows you to get an accurate estimation of the development time and cost, which is super important for the business.

Reducing Risks

Development risks are significantly reduced due to the risk analysis and technical solutions, which is done during the design.

Meeting Expectations

The developers will do exactly what is needed, not approximately. As a result, the final product will meet 100% expectations.

Development Planning

It allows you to get a more effective development plan split down into stages and determine which team is needed.


Reasons to do a product design


You have software with a large legacy that needs to be radically refactored.

Custom development

You are an enterprise that develops custom software that has to be specified before development.

Growth phase

You have a growing project whose architecture needs to be documented;

MVP / startup launch

You are a startup that needs rapid, precise MVP development with a minimal budget.

Successful product design cases

In these projects, we did a complete design and engineering of the product, which led to a successful start-up and an accurate hit on time and budget.

Product discovery and analysis made for security marketplace

As the result the marketplace MVP was created and matched early adopters' expectations.

  • Product discovery completed in 4 weeks
  • MVP specification reduced by 250% from original vision
  • The whole project was sliced into 4 stages
  • The total development time reduced by 120%

Product discovery and design made for a project management tool

This SaaS tool was launched earlier and sale process began faster.

  • Product discovery completed in 3 weeks
  • Development risks reduced by 180%
  • The whole MVP was sliced into 2 versions
  • The total development time reduced by 150%

Product discovery and architecture for finance management app

The right market fit achieved due to the accurate requirement analysis.

  • Product discovery completed in 3 weeks
  • Technological stack optimized twice after detailed research
  • The development plan included 5 releases
  • The total development time reduced by 70%

Why working with us is safe?

Work for hire

IP for all software is 100% yours

ISO 9001 certified

Well-polished management and processes

ISO 27001 certified

The highest attention to security

NDA and DPA agreement

We take responsibility for nondisclosure of important business matters and privacy of your customers' data

Fully insured business

Even if something goes wrong from our side, you do not risk your money. Our company is insured to protect your invested money into project

Analysis & architecture deliverables

We conduct detailed product design analyses to plan accurate development strategies to meet deadlines and budgets.

User Stories Set

A list of features with a detailed description of preconditions, feature flow, expected result, and error validation.

Wireframes & Visual Prototype

An initial graphical representation of defined project features through single screens and a clickable prototype.

Technical Specification

Technical requirements - platforms, codebase, OS needs, end-user devices, recommended technology stacks, hosting approach and provider;

Project Plan

Detailed task breakdown by sprints or key milestones, development roadmap, team and resource plan, and budget estimation.

Product Discovery Workflow

You are always up to date with our product design team. Before starting a project, we carry out a detailed analysis of the features and set tentative timelines and goals.

1st week

Discovery & research

  • Reviewing and defining business needs
  • Midline reviewing of SOW from project stakeholders
  • Brainstorming, documentation and contextual research
  • Initial feature list work
  • Providing a ballpark time & cost estimation and deadlines
3d week

Functional specification

  • Technical analysis & detailed feature analysis
  • Defining MVP scope
  • Preparing user stories & cases
  • Creating a visual prototype 
  • Data & server architecture, load & data growth plan
  • Defining the technology stack
4th week

Project plan & Estimation

  • Final reviewing of expected SOW from project stakeholders
  • Detailed SOW time estimation
  • Setting up the project release date
  • Building and arranging a team
  • An accurate budget estimation

FAQ about Product Discovery Services

There are lots of questions that might arise in your mind if you consider hiring a product discovery team. We are ready to answer to few of them right now.

What Is Product Discovery?

Product Discovery describes the iterative process of reducing uncertainty around a problem or idea to make sure that the right product gets built for the right audience. Product discovery services offer to the product owner higher confidence in their path forward. It is also the foundation for a successful implementation and launch phase later on.

Why Product Discovery Matters?

Without gathering evidence that a solution has market value, companies risk wasting time building products that nobody wants or needs. The idea sounds like a good one, so the development team sets off coding and designing. All before validating that the product is something that consumers want or need. With a solid software product discovery process integrated into your project strategy, you avoid wasting time on dead-end products and features. When it’s a step left neglected, meanwhile, the result is a rise in useable — yet ultimately useless — programs and products. It’s wasted resources and lost time.

How To Make Product Discovery In Saas?

Conducting product discovery effectively means questioning every part of the project before you start developing. So, you might consider questions such as: What problems are we solving? What kind of customers does this project target? What makes for a good solution to the problem? There is a whole process hidden behind those questions and usually the main task for the product discovery team is to have the answers.

Let's architecture your product precisely

With proper risk management, we will ensure that each project remains focused on business goals despite uncertainty. Let's define product goals and a project feature list together and estimate the development effort. 

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