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Your expectations will be met precisely. Spend the money effectively. The key factor of high-quality software.


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Help to Find New Product Opportunities

Identify new product opportunities by conducting market research, analyzing customer needs, and exploring emerging technologies and trends

Clear Project Requirements

We ensure that your software solution is aligned with your business goals and meets your users' needs. Don't let vague or incomplete requirements lead to project delays, cost overruns, or defective software products.

Optimize Development Process

Our business analysis services can help you streamline your development process by identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.

Structure Project Documentation

We help to create comprehensive and organized project documentation, including project charters, requirements specifications, use cases, and more.

Save Your Budget

Our professional business analysts will help you to develop your roadmap for success that maximizes the efficiency of your product and allows you to find new ways to scale your SaaS product.


Database design

Building relational, object-oriented or graph databases to best fit your tasks.

ER diagramER diagram

You will be able to see all the entities, fields and relationships that explain what should be developed on the database level. It helps to clarify data structure and avoid performance issues, data manipulation issues, extra complexity, etc.

Data flow diagramData flow diagram

Such a method helps better understand the data movement inside the project (amounts of data, nature of the data, the frequency and chronology) and benefits to architect server back end (business logic) to handle data easily.

Big data storageBig data storage

Let us identify which big data engines and approaches to use. We architect and optimize big data systems for particular needs and your convenience. That is what differentiates our business analysis consultancy from others.

Business analysis for long-term projects
and startup launches

Brainstorm your ideas, build an optimal development plan.

business analyticsInitial business analytics for a startup launch

Our goal is to help a client to understand the product better. We brainstorm his ideas, not just implement what he wants. Build MVPs for startups, estimate budget and scope. Pick up the best tech stack. Plan the team and needed skills.

business analysisOngoing business analytics for long-term project

Here, we pay attention to building better development plans and setting a chain of priorities. Our main task is to create a detailed specification that makes development, testing and accepting smoother.

Analysing business processes

The key factor to effectively build server and front-end architectures.



We carefully study all business processes to describe every element (node) in the system. As a result, building adequate software becomes much easier.



All the processes and workflow should be properly optimized. Thus, we can suggest improvements and optimizations to reduce complexity and costs.



We understand the importance of workflow diagrams to visualize processes and make everything clear for the client and development team.

Mockups and wireframes

 The best way to explain the details is to draw them.

Maximum visualization

Maximum visualization

Everything that can be drawn is to be drawn, it is at times better than text descriptions. We mix fewer words with detailed visualization.

User Experience

User Experience

A deep understanding of users’ preferences and needs results in a good UX. It helps reach business goals faster and easier.

Functionality description

Functionality description

No boring and long specs! All functionality is described right on mockups making them very lean and clear for developers.

Functionality visualization

Building sequence diagrams for complex functionality, identifying dependencies and relations between entities gives the perfect architecture for custom software and prepares it for a fluent development process.

Functionality monitoring and analysis

Control implementation, deployment and performance.

Efficiency analysisEfficiency analysis

One of the ways to match the expectation of the product owner is to track the acceptance criteria for each feature. We provide an analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Acceptance testsAcceptance tests

The benefits reaped at earlier stages can be the avoidance of re-work and the reduced cost of system delivery. We ensure that everything is as it should be to satisfy the customer.

Never skip the design phase

An outstanding UI and UX are the results of a well-thought-out design!

business analysis consultancy

For proper testing

The design is the best spec for front-end developers. No design - no smooth front-end work, no way to test properly.

business analyst companies

For good usability

More than just look-n-feel. A nice design can be only when it is worked out in detail with the interaction of the user with the application.

business analytics services

For the safety start

This is what puts the final point in the planning of the interface. Now, it is really possible to start the development process.

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