Medical Enterprise Software Development and Healthcare Integrated Systems

Software solutions to meet specific clinical and business department
needs within medical organizations and healthcare authorities.

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Hardware development - Building medical devices from the idea up to a working prototype

Industrial design in healthacre device development

Industrial design

This is what building any device usually starts from. Our designers develop products and systems through collection analysis and synthesis of data guided by the special requirements of our customers. As a result, you get modern, flexible design that makes your device to look inspiring and easy to use.

Making electronics and board design in healthacre device development

Electronics & Board design

Whether you are planning to produce new products or improve your functionality, we can create some new features that will sort out the past problems and get onto assembly process quickly. We design, develop and test boards of your devices, so all the electronics we do is completely ready for manufacturing.

Embedded programming in healthacre device development

Embedded Development

Advantage Electronic Product Development offers FPGA and CPLD embedded design services as part of full product development or a as stand alone service to support our clients with their own internal projects. We have solid experience with firmware development for FPGAs and VHDL.

HIPAA and FDA compliant systems

Developing FDA and HIPAADeveloping FDA and HIPAA compliant healthcare solutions

Ensure safety of all personal medical data. We have pre-developed many software frameworks that help us quickly deliver FDA or HIPAA compliant solution. All our healthcare software goes through a rigorous HIPAA check list.

HIPAA compliant hosting servers and cloud platformsHIPAA compliant hosting servers and cloud platforms

We provide cost-effective solutions of HIPAA compliant hosting on dedicated cloud servers with security and reliability guaranteed. Each solution is designed to meet your organizations’ distinct needs while upholding compliance standards.

Integration with medical cloud systems, electronic medical record software and ERPs

We know how to start your health care business quickly
with minimal investments and push it to the market

Could Platforms

Cloud Platforms

Using platforms such as Medable, Medelinked, Validic and others could help your doctor provide a more holistic picture of your health. These platforms offer numerous app features like patient and provider profiles, two-factor authentication, and “push” messaging.

Integration with EHR/EMRs

Integration with EHR/EMRs

Integration with various EHR/EMR systems used in medical field can help you provide higher quality and safer care for patients while creating tangible enhancements for your organization. EHRs help providers better manage care for patients.

Healthcare and CRMs

Healthcare and CRMs

Integration with non medical CRMs like Salesforce, Netsuite, TeamSupport, etc. along with its native integrations into key marketing technologies like marketing automation make for an amazing opportunities for small businesses and large enterprises to thrive.

Medical Insurance Solutions

Effecient CRM and ERP in healthcareEffecient CRM and ERP in healthcare
We solve CRM and ERP tasks connected with health care insurance in USA or Europe. Harness leading technologies to build effective information systems, practice evidence-based medicine – and improve the overall patient experience.  

Analytics, big data, charts, reports in healthcareAnalytics, big data, charts, reports in healthcare
Developing analytics systems for data with complex algorithms, reporting and charts using different languages including R Studio, we minimize fraud-related losses, identify sales opportunities and solve complex data problems.

Custom systems in medical industryCustom systems in medical industry
Developing custom systems for medical insurance business, we support insurance intermediaries - agents and brokers all over the world. Saving time and making more money on insurance, that's what our solutions are all about.

Acquisition applications and image processing in healthcare

We develop and upgrade acquisition applications with
effective image reconstruction, recognition storing and archiving
for radiology, ophthalmology, cardiology and other fields.

Image processing

Image processing

Using openCV library we will help you achieve a real-time capture, video file import, basic image treatment , object detection (face, body, …), blob detection etc.

Image reconstruction

Image reconstruction

GPU-based image reconstruction provides higher quantitative accuracy due to the more accurate modeling of the system matrix.

Image storing and archiving

Image storing and archiving

Developing custom or open source based PACS servers with DICOM protocol and HL7 data transfer standards.

Wellness and fitness solutions

Mobile apps for wellness and fitnessMobile apps for wellness and fitness

Developing mobile apps used for tracking person state during any kind of fitness exercises, you are able to control your health and prevent unpleasant surprises.

Effective approach to cloud servicesEffective approach to cloud services

Integrating with Fitness cloud services and systems allows you to monitor your facility. Find out how your equipment is being used and when it needs maintenance.

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