Outsourced software development

We specialise in developing complex software applications for businesses in energy, media, logistics, healthcare, financial services and communications sectors globally!

Minimal viable product development for your startup

We help you at the most risky phase - brainstorm, architect, design and develop MVP for your startup!

Brainstorm your idea and adapt it to the market

We will discuss with you from the beginning to clarify your ideas and goals. We engage with you quickly with additional ideas and possible solutions to add value to your projects.

Architect, design, plan, estimate and save seed funds

We will propose a development strategy and a plan that will fit your existing team, save your funds and to meet your overall goals. We will become your professional development team supporting your growing start up!

Develop, test, launch, engage and rise more funds

We can suggest how to better approach target audiences, clients and vertical markets. We will help you with your fundraising - preparing prototypes, demos, marketing materials to engage your investors faster in your ideas.

Choose the correct resources to build
best team for you

No resourcing pain.
Highly experienced in building teams
short or long term projects!

How we build your team

Continuous attention to detail

Our huge experience and best practice skills are at your disposal.
A wide range of technologies, languages, frameworks, methodologies and libraries.

Look before you leap

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USA Office



2372 Morse Ave, Suite 200, Irvine CA 92614

UK Office



Worting House, Church Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23 8PX

New office comming soon...

Contact us to discuss partnership with our not so global company ;-)

Secret of Success

We value the great reputation we have built over more than 10 years, which is why it is very important that the finished product we create for you will meet all your required expectations. Good communication is the key on all of our projects we do for you.

The secret of our success has been that we always focus on the hidden details at the beginning and throughout the project life cycle to achieve your product expectations!