Transportation and Logistics  Software Development

After many years spent in the logistics domain, we gained the experience that can be used now to effectively help you with any logistics software.


Business Challenges We Solve

Migration to the Cloud

Lowering costs by more clever usage of the fleet, accurate tracking and better logistics logic. Software development will minimize your budget.


Minimize Traffic Congestion

Gathering and analyzing environmental data to reduce traffic congestion thus making it safer and smoother as well as speeding up the delivery.

Optimize Logistics Routes

Recording and analyzing delivery and transit routes to improve planning, services, reduce people's labor and energy wastes.


Expand Existing Funcionality

Using GIS, mapping services and APIs to visualize all transportation tasks on a map and make better and more intuitive UI/UX.

Logistics Domain Expertise

We suggest vast experience in many technical instruments that can suit your logistics software well and solve many transportation tasks effectively.

Success Stories



This startup became №1 in the world. Thanks to our engagement and business analysis, we spent 1/3 of the budget the customer aimed to spend, letting him grow fast and invest more in marketing. The best email template builder used by Amazon, McDonald's, Oracle, CocaCola, Airbnb, Uber, HP, and Cisco.

Tech solution & Platforms

The team we created became a dedicated offshore IT department for the customer and took responsibility for all technical jobs.



Flinqer brings together buyers and suppliers to optimize the use of available cash and ensure cash flows where and when it is needed most.

Tech solution & Platforms

We put all our experience in the SaaS business into this tool and helped our customers with MVP planning to keep it as cheap as possible and at the same time implement the most attractive features.



Trusted by over 7,000 businesses since 2000. Processing over 170,000 loads per month. Handling and managing more than 50,000 available vehicles of its clients. Making over £190M worth of contracts per year.

Tech solution & Platforms

We brought all experts into the development process covering all aspects and levels of this SaaS platform such as CI/CD, automated testing, Scrum, etc. That was a big push and a turning point in the life cycle of this system.



The complete system for an FX broker that handles all financial relations between a broker and its IBs organized in a multilevel hierarchy. Over 10 years on the market, presented in 12 countries, supporting over 15 languages, using more than 200 trade instruments of different kinds

Tech solution & Platforms

We were given the old system with many separate solutions with no integration and a lot of managing people supporting it.


Why choose ardas


Every hour of work is used efficiently.
Every movement and every hour paid for makes sense

Estimation Accuracy

The same team that is assessing your project will work on the project that our estimates hit with 90% accuracy

Experts in Processes

We’ve been honing the processes we apply throughout our SDLC for 17 years based on experience on projects big and small

Logistics Expertise

We’ve developed 3 own SaaS and more than 70 clients’ SaaS products, so we know exactly how to make your startup a unicorn

Budget in Control

No unplanned expenditure. We report on the time spent and plan the development of all subsequent stages

Fast Scaling

We eliminate everything that doesn’t add value to a product and cut the delivery cycle to win time for improvements

Logistics Software Development Proccess

Our Logistics Software

Logistics Big Data Solutions

Big Data is a must in modern logistic software development. Together with tracking tools, it monitors goods' movement, fleet and traffic data, etc., in real-time, so logistics managers can use data to schedule deliveries properly.

We also use Big Data in outsourcing logistics software development for work process automation. It helps to provide efficient tools for route optimization, accurate warehousing, address verification and standardization. Predictive analysis and maintenance is another way of using Big Data – for strategic network and operational capacity planning.

Geographic Information System

GIS (Geographic Information System) is an automated system that collects, processes, and analyzes geospatial data. We use it in custom logistics software development to provide convenient access to transportation data and create detailed dynamic roadmaps.

Such a solution is simply necessary for expert evaluations and targeted analytics. This significantly improves the decision-making process and helps optimize logistics divisions and rolling stock.

Navigation SDKs

Navigation SDKs are necessary for creating navigation systems that can be customized according to user needs. Transportation software developers use them to implement such functionality as turn-by-turn navigation and smart route correction, real-time traffic updates, pre-routing and maps export, etc.

Most logistics software development companies implement such solutions for fast integration of spatial mapping tools. They significantly improve drivers’ productivity, predictability and significantly reduce human error.

Reporting & BI

Reporting & BI in custom software development for logistics is about industry-specific solutions that affect all business processes. It helps identify problems and solve them in time, as well as to be ready for dynamic market changes.

Transportation and logistics software, which uses the possibilities of BI, provides automatic regular reporting, correct data processing and delivering it to customers in real-time, etc. We also use this solution to analyze the company's resources effectively, ensure compliance with existing and future business requirements, and visualize available data.

Intelligent Vehicles

The main goal of software for intelligent vehicles is to provide autonomous functions and advanced security capabilities. Transportation software development companies use it to ensure vehicle safety and connect with other transport or sensors. Such systems are integrated with the cloud for fast data updates. They analyze vehicle systems and help prevent emergencies.


Clients Say About Us


Dmitry Kulaksyz

CPO, Stripo

‘’Great job’’

We started in 2016 with an idea and built a very detailed MVP plan mostly thinking about how to compete in a very busy market. We investigated all disadvantages of existing builders and designed a WYSIWYG builder that saves 50% more time than others. Later in 2019 we supported AMP language by Google for dynamic emails and became one of a few builders with the best AMP support.

Project Dates   2017 - Present

Project Summary

This startup became №1 in the world used by Amazon, McDonald's, Oracle, CocaCola, Airbnb, Uber, HP, and Cisco.

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Alex Mladenovich

Product Manager, UK

‘’Removed Problems From Us’’

Ardas was tasked with the re-development of our mature SaaS application. They initially helped us with our new hosting architecture before working with us to re-design and develop all elements of the application.

Project Dates   2007 - Present

Project Summary

Today we are proud to be a part of the highly technical and very successful SaaS solution. Building long-lasting relations is never easy, we have been accurate with all the details through the years.

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Michael O'Sullivan


‘’Ardas is very flexible’’

I have been working with Andrew and Ardas's team as CTO of INFINOX Global as a principal financial services client. Ardas's passion really stands out. I frequently connect the team to discuss strategic decisions and plans for the future.

Project Dates  2014 - Present

Project Summary

After successfully transforming this solution into an automated system we entered long-term support and evolution cycle and still update and tune this system according to customer requirements.

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FAQ About Custom Software Development for Logistics

If you consider launching transportation software, there are many questions that might arise in your mind, and we are ready to answer to few of them right now.

How Much Time Will You Take To Build Logistics Software?

The logistics software development usually takes 3-6 months. This period is more of a business reason than a technical one since no matter how complex the project is technical, and its implementation cannot be delayed. Suppose the release is delayed and you cannot offer the client anything in the first 6 months. In that case, there are two options: either you have taken on a challenging task that requires completely different funding, or you have not correctly estimated the average cost to develop a Minimum Viable Product for SaaS.

How Much Does A Transportation Software Cost?

Usually, the price for transportation software development is 70k-150k, according to the experience of 15 SaaS projects in 10 years. Please note, we calculate the cost based on the fact that our expert costs $ 60 per hour on average. Of course, some companies can offer a cheaper price, but they can hardly promise a quality guarantee. What we have described above also includes product design, i.e., the price for development from scratch, starting from the list of requirements. Your next step is a product design and nothing else, which costs 5000 dollars with us.

What Are The Main Activities Of Logistics Systems?

Regarding logistics flows, we are talking about the movement and direction of certain goods, parcels, packages, items, or information within a supply chain network. More specifically, between the point at which the products or information originated and the final consumption point. Three main directions correspond with the three logistical processes we will focus on today. These are inbound logistics, outbound logistics, and reverse logistics. The information about these three supply chain directions is essential to know, especially for people inclined toward the logistics industry.

What Logistics And Transportation Software Development Solutions Does Ardas Offer?

We suggest vast experience in logistics software development that can suit your project well and solve many transportation tasks effectively, such as big data, microservices, GIS, business intelligence, better security, testing & CI/CD, navigation SDKs, and intelligent vehicles.

Our Expertise in Logistics Development is Now Yours

We gained much experience in software development for the transportation field for the last 17 years and today this knowledge is at your service.

Chief Executive Officer