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Retail, Commerce, Marketing

Ecommerce Affiliate Holiday Oriented Mobile Application

Ecommerce Affiliate Holiday Oriented Mobile Application

It is a perfect tool for organizing and tracking your gift-giving calendar. It is way more than a simple event manager. This is a new way of communicating gift choices between the giver and receiver.

Return Management SaaS System for eCommerce Sites

Return Management SaaS System for eCommerce Sites

SaaS for Ecommerce stores and companies that allows exchange products for other versions, use returned goods as purchase-value for new products, or re-convert to store-credit. All through an easy and intuitive interface.

Email Template Visual Builder for High End Marketing

Email Template Visual Builder for High End Marketing

SaaS for companies to visually build their emails and export them into a big variaty of email sending and marketing automation tools.

Email Template Visual Builder for High End Marketing

Mobile Store for Distributing General Mill Products

The project is devoted creating a React Native store to provide a convenient ordering and tracking process of the general mill products.


White Label SaaS System for Drug Stores

White Label SaaS System for Drug Stores

The application allows user to search and select Canadian medication or use a written prescription to order drugs online. Also, the user can browse a wide selection of OTC products. Our task was to conduct refactoring. The application began to work faster and more stable. Then we began to implement new functionality and complicate the logic.

ECG Analysis Application for Clinics and Consumers

ECG Analysis Application for Clinics and Consumers

A healthcare mobile application used by a person to connect a cardio appliance to a mobile phone and to record the ECG on the smartphone. Collected data is sent to the patented server, which processes the cardiogram and provides 183 specific parameters, used by a doctor to analyze the health condition of patients and prevent heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Medicine Planning and Selling Application

Medicine Planning and Selling Application

Customers can use the App to register with the pharmacy and fill out their entire medical information, their attending physician's and their preferred contact information privately and securely using 256 bit encryption. Also, depending on the code, we can customize some application functions like a payment method, the list of available goods, a delivery method, etc.

ECG Analysis Application for Clinics and Consumers

Document Management SaaS for Pharmaceutical Companies

The software includes an event tracker for easy management of the processes. Also, there is a doc cabinet integrated with MS Word to access the process tree, copy and edit the documents and store them in a database.

Steam Vaporizer and IOT Mobile Application

Steam Vaporizer and IOT Mobile Application

This is a React Native mobile application using Firebase as back end and integration of data collection via Bluetooth from the device which is also being developed in parallel. The application allows to download data in PDF.

Netdoctor design

Data Analysis Software


The project envisages the creation of an integrated system for collecting and analyzing the medical data of users with the provision of the newest European requirements for the protection of personal data of individuals.


Fully Featured Multilevel IB Portal for Brokers

Fully Featured Multilevel IB Portal for Brokers

The system allows user to track changes in connections between brokers and clients, as well as changes in distribution of income coefficients. Due to this, there are always used relevant factors of income in the calculations, which operated throughout the whole period.

Option Trading SaaS Platform for Trading Companies

Option Trading SaaS Platform for Trading Companies

Financial trading software provides fully organized real-time bidding process. A unique trading mechanism analyzes existing data and makes the forecasts on the basis of the vector algorithm. Low latency application with the full set of reports and features to control your financial health.


Freight Management App

Freight Management App

The application helps user manage a logistic business more efficiently with the freight management systems that can keep a closer eye on your shipment fleet. Working on the project we have developed tracking system, members management, admin panel, instant messenger, shipments matching system etc.

Logistic Network App

Logistic Network App

Communication between freight companies become easier! The application helps user to find new partners and agents, documents and feedback exchange, rates posting, chatting etc. It’s some kind of professional network for those who work in transport and logistics domain worldwide.

Business Process Automation

Project Management Web Tool

Project Management Web Tool

A project management platform with its own apps, that provides easy project and task management, scheduling and team collaboration for productive and efficient work.

Parking Control System

Parking Control System

A parking management system with plate number recognition software, payments, SMS integration, financial reports and comprehensive back end management panel for parking operators.

Wireless router Web platform

Wireless router Web platform

The customer of this project was Managed Connections Limited Company, which is a designer, developer and operator of white label and multi tenanted unified cloud device management platform (PaaS) provided as end to end managed services.

Software escrow Service

Software escrow Service

A financial arrangement service for software developers and their clients where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. The service allows to upload any documents or code, to invite client to a project and to request for arbitrage.


Secure Remote Biometric Login Service

Secure Remote Biometric Login Service

The service utilizes biometric and behavioral data provided by mobile device to confirm user's identify and generate an encoded sonic signature unique to the user for that moment and place. Designed for simplicity with user input requirements tailored to each application.

Security Validation Platform for Enterprises

Security Validation Platform for Enterprises

The project includes several tools of two that help identify weaknesses in the security organization, such as a test with questions about cyber security, creation of a framework and to apply for written or personal consultation.

Communication, Streaming

Multichannel Audio Streaming Device and Application

Multichannel Audio Streaming Device and Application

An audio streaming solution for public places that sends audio streams in several channels to users smartphones. A special hardware was developed on Raspberry PI and audio cards with custom firmware that synchronizes audio streams with video, giving users an ability to watch video in public places.

Audio and Text Instant Messenger

Audio and Text Instant Messenger

The application is the classic representative of the messengers. It allows to send text and voice messages, share pictures and gifs with the users. Also, there is a possibility to login through Facebook and synchronizes all the contacts information and the details of user profile.

Media, Education, eLearning

Interactive  Education Portal

Interactive  Education Portal

The unique mix of a financial trading tool and webinar platform that teaches brokers how to trade and allows to do it right there. The integration with different advanced services enables to download webinars out of the current base, analyze and rank video according to certain parameters, provide transactions, register new users and more.

Online English Courses

Online English Courses

E-learning project destined to teach English vocabulary and grammar with the help of algorithmic cards, songs and audio conversations. Further, with the benefit of different features, the users can test their knowledge. There was a platform on the disks and we needed to create a web version with a registration form that supports mobile layout.

Real Estate

Real Estate Сrowdfunding Project

Real Estate Сrowdfunding Project

A fully featured FCA compliant real estate crowdfunding platform, which allows any person to start own business with minimal investments. People invest into real estate properties and earn revenue when they are sold. The system controls all financial flows starting from deposits and up to revenue withdrawal.

Gaming, Gambling

Online Casino

Online Casino

The aim was to develop an online casino software, integrate it with several game providers and payment gateway and implement a casino management back end to control all the processes. The casino had to provide a comprehensive set of user features  such as registration, profile management, balance control, deposits and withdrawals, etc.  

Soccer Mobile Game

Soccer Mobile Game

The idea behind this game was to create an exciting and competitive knowledge-based game for Soccer fans to play as a team with their friends or alone 1 on 1 on their mobile phones or other online devices. To make the soccer mobile game run smoothly for many thousands of players worldwide, we managed large scale systems and data bases.