Sweden, 2018 - Present
8 engineers

Multichannel audio streaming SaaS for public places

An audio streaming solution for public places that sends audio streams in several channels to use smartphones. Special hardware on Raspberry PI and audio cards with custom firmware synchronizes audio streams with video, allowing users to watch a video in public places.


Technical stack includes:

Java Spring Boot Hibernate Spark ReactJS Redux Material UI HTML5 CSS3 PostgreSQL Casandra Mongo Redis AWS Jenkins Kubernetes Docker Kibana Kafka Silenium

The idea

The client wanted to develop a system for public places where some content is broadcast on TVs, and the audio from this broadcast is streamed to a smartphone and the user can, for example, listen to a football match with headphones.


In this case, we were approached by a founder with a limited personal budget. Our goal was to develop an MVP with minimal expenses, so it could be sold to early adopters already waiting for a product release.

The challenge

This project involved the development of not only software but also hardware that will take audio streams and transmit them via Wi-Fi for everyone. The main challenge was getting the transmission as fast as possible, so there was no delay (no more than 300 milliseconds) between video and audio content.

The team

Our team consisted of 5 people: 1 hardware engineer who developed the board based on Raspberry PI, a project manager and requirements analyst in one person, 2 mobile developers for android and iOS, and 1 QA. 

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