Cross-platform and social game developments

We can build games from idea to final product.
Wide experience in 2D, 3D, and VR/AR game development.
We work for better acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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Game design process

Design gameplay and interaction with users
Design characters and their features
Design of the scenes, maps and levels
Design mechanics and physics

Building cross-platform games with Unity

Unity 2D/3D and all its family of packages, addons and assets

Performance optimization - make fast and smooth games

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality for games and entertainment
Augmented reality for games, education and science
Simulation systems for equipment training

Graphics and animations

Game graphics and visual effects

2D and 3D graphics and modeling

Dynamics, animations, and movies

Audio design and sound engineering

Background music for menus and playing process
Music for cutscenes and cinematics, ambient tracks
Sound effect recording and mastering
Narrator speeches and dialogs

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