USA, 2017 - Present
the team: 36 - IT department, 10 - marketing team

The Email Template Visual Builder With AMP Support

This startup became №1 in the world. Thanks to our engagement and business analysis, we spent 1/3 of the budget the customer aimed to spend, letting him grow fast and invest more in marketing. The best email template builder used by Amazon, McDonald's, Oracle, CocaCola, Airbnb, Uber, HP, and Cisco.


Technical stack includes:

Java Spring Boot JavaScript Angular Git HTML CSS Jenkins Selenid JUnit Flyway AWS RedisDockerHub PostgreSQL Maven PythonKafka

The history

We started in 2016 with an idea and built a very detailed MVP plan, mostly thinking about how to compete in a very busy market. We investigated all disadvantages of existing builders and designed a WYSIWYG builder that saves 50% more time than others. Later in 2019, we supported AMP language by Google for dynamic emails and became one of the few builders with the best AMP support.

Our role

This project has always been and stays self-funded. Thanks to our engagement and business analysis, we spent 1/3 of the budget the customer aimed to spend, letting him grow fast and invest more in marketing. Today we provide full-stack development and support for this SaaS, including business and financial monitoring, drastically reducing all the costs for IT engineers.

Offshore marketing team

After one year of development, we set up an offshore dedicated marketing team that grew from 2 to 7 experts working full-time. They support the website, do branding, copywriting (8 languages), do videos for the Youtube channel, SEO, and link building. All our marketing activities pushed this SaaS to the TOP 3 in the world and turned it into a stable source of customers, recurring revenue, and ensuring 10% monthly growth.

Long term relations

The team we created became a dedicated offshore IT department for the customer and took responsibility for all technical jobs. We started from nothing, passed through 4 principal pivots and today, we turned this SaaS into a secure, high-performance and scalable system capable of satisfying the needs of large companies. The team is still growing and our recruiters are working to close existing vacancies.


Industry: Media Business

500K users

$200K MRR

250% YoY

Used by Amazon, McDonald's, Oracle, CocaCola, Airbnb, Uber, HP, and Cisco

Services Used

marketing automation

Light Emails

Gmail has a size limit of 102KB for each email message. Once that limit is reached, the remaining content is clipped and hidden behind a link to view the entire message. 

That’s why creating something that wouldn't generate any extra HTML & CSS code for emails was necessary.

Drag&Drop Email Builder

The user-friendly email builder allows you to create any email by dragging and dropping the necessary elements into your template. In addition to the Drag-n-Drop email builder, we developed the HTML & CSS code editor. It can be used to code emails from scratch or edit and add custom elements to the emails that you create with our Drag-n-Drop builder. The D-n-D and HTML & CSS code editors can be used simultaneously without switching.

Export To More Than 60 Systems

For ease of use of the product, we created an export to more than 60 popular ESP systems and email services such as Gmail, Mailchimp, Hubspot, GetResponse, etc. Stripo was the very first solution that provided an opportunity to export email to Outlook. Also, we added the possibility to export emails to different formats - PDF, HTML or as an image.

AMP for Emails

In 2019 Google rolled out AMP for Gmail, allowing it to add real-time and dynamic content to emails. After 2 sprints, we provided this functionality into Stripo and integrated the possibility to mark blocks as AMP or not. This solution helps to adjust emails for different systems and needs, add to emails custom forms, carousels and interactive banners.

email builder
email builder

Collecting users’ feedback

Allow recipients to leave comments and share their opinion directly in emails. AMP forms embedded in emails generate 5X times more feedback than traditional external forms.

Real-time/dynamic content

Information in emails gets updated the minute recipients open them. In this way, you share only fresh content with your users.

Dynamic product blocks

Update the quantity, prices, product images, and descriptions of your products in emails after they are sent. Provide recipients with up-to-date information.


Improve customers’ engagement through gamification. Gamification helps you entertain customers, learn more about their preferences, and build stronger relationships.

Email Testing in One Window

We have developed a user email testing tool to ensure that email will be displayed correctly in over 75 ESP and email service systems. The main challenge was to make testing in one window for all systems and devices (mobile, desktop) without switching.

Modules Library

We created reusable modules such as footers, blog posts, product carts, and others to speed up email production. It helps to speed up email production by 16 times!

Email Sharing With Other Users

In the User's menu, we developed the possibility to view and invite other Stripo users to your account to share emails and templates and give permission to view and edit them. Depending on your needs, you can assign such roles as Admin, Designer, Writer, Proofreader and Viewer.

email builder
email builder

Translations Inside Editor

Translate emails from one language to another in the editor. Help proofreaders see translations in the context, right in email templates, for a better user experience.

Brand Guidelines

With the Gmail annotations generator, you provide recipients with the sale start/end dates, product image, and promo code right in the Inbox before they open emails! We ensured that users can store email design styles and brand assets in one place to stay brand consistent across all emails and onboard new designers faster.

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