A winning marketing strategy for a start-up begins with a brainstorm

We have created a process for promoting your startup, using the best business ideas, methodologies and leveraging our extensive experience in start-up development and hitting the target markets faster!

Brainstorm with us now 

We were also a start up - so we feel your pain

We have a partnership program for startup founders to accelerate launch

We have launched our own successful startups

Starting our own business on the web we gained lots of experience in launching startup starting from ZERO and pushing it on the market. No bank credits, no investors. Today this is one of the most recognized services in the Eastern Europe used by many top companies.

Four failed startups made us even more experienced

We have also done four attempts to turn other good business ideas into startups in 2000-2012 but all of them failed. We did various typical mistakes  that taught us a lot. We passed this and today we will guide you through this process keeping you away from these and other mistakes.

Have a tight budget? We will increase your efficience by using the MVP principles

Our partnership program will reduce development costs
We provide CTO and architect services for FREE

We understand the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) principles and help you to plan MVP as well as future sprints according to your business requirements and goals.

We will guide you through the whole development cycle implementing your ideas step by step and turning them into a profitable and successfull product.

Together we will prioritize all tasks you have and build an effective development plan that will save your budget and be focused on only important tasks.

Marketing rules!

Don't let IT engineers get you into the weeds

  1. A good understanding of the market and your customers should guide you - SEO and marketing strategy
  2. Every good business idea could be wrong - test everything on a focus group, collect feedback before spending money on any implementation
  3. Be very careful to choose users requirements in the right priority order before designing  a system - base it on their habits and preferences to build an accurate product development plan​
  4. People will not use 80% of what you've planned to develop

It’s an art to be a sprinter!
We have special engineers for startups

Sprinter developers win in the startup phase

We pick the most effective and fast developers for growing your business, who understands the needs of new business.

Every startup requires its specific team

We don't believe that just any developer will be effective in a start-up project, it requires a special type of developer who understands the needs and deadlines of a new growing start-up

Far more than all those Agile, Scrum theories

We gather the team, who will like the project and be responsible for it, so there will be no need to control their every move.

Plans and strategy are often changed

We know how to be flexible; our startup teams work tight with the business, constantly re-evaluate priorities and focus on only things that push you ahead; no time is wasted for anything else

We understand the necessity of being flexible

A new day can bring fresh ideas and conceptual decisions, so we get used to changes and ready to support you.

We thoroughly study your business

Deep understanding of business allows us to direct development properly, that's why you project team is skilled in your field.

Using ongoing risk to value analysis we help you to get the maximum from your budgets

How we build our work flow
  1. Deep business analysis at the early stage of a project and each feature
  2. Identify the most risky issues with unexpected result and hit them first of all
  3. Test all ideas and assumptions to avoid wrong expectations
  4. Build a development plan according to achieved results
Why do you need this?
  1. Gives the best and the most accurate development plan
  2. Drastically lowers risks and reveals potential pit holes
  3. Minimizes costs since you only invest into features that promote you
  4. Gives a much faster delivery and faster market penetration

Need to launch a startup?

Participate in our partnership program and we guide you through this process