Effective fintech solutions for premium web and mobile applications to grow your target audience.

Trading Software development

CalendarForex / Options / Stocks trading

We develop various trading systems and meet your specific requirements.

SearchIntegration with price providers

We help end users reduce the complexity that comes with API integration.

Admin panelLow latency solutions and big data

Trading systems for high load using big data approaches to achieve high performance.

Market maker algorithms with risk management

real estate business

Developing market maker algorithms to trade any kind of instruments

real estate management software

Implementing risk management strategies to avoid the fall of your business


Payment gatesData streams with blockchain
High perfomance systems to process high volume of data.

Booking services Real time and flexibility
Scalable and low latency solutions with huge volumes and high availibility.

Testimonial pageEvent processing
Pattern matching usage for fast  and smooth event processing.

Document flow automation and accounting

Gallery design

SalesForce and other ERP/CRMs

We use different systems for solving financial accounting issues.


Document flow automation

We offer an easy way to manage your documents.


Convenient reporting systems

See clear data using various visualization methods.

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