UI/UX Design

We do UI / UX design for any software product by developing a lightweight, ergonomic usable web interface. The design and development of mobile applications come with software systems, data visualization for data analysis.

We provide a user-experience design

No matter how complex your project is and despite the development stage, our designers are ready to get involved at any time.

Custom frontend UX design

We will design interfaces for B2C and B2B applications that make your project more competitive to work with the product, convenient and fast, and easily involve users.

Administration UI design

We develop web interfaces for managing data, users, finances, business processes, devices, etc., which save administrators time and provide control and management.

Mobile application design

We develop the design of mobile applications that complement the software products, giving its users the ability to access from any mobile device efficiently.

Tablet application design

We provide UI UX design services aimed at specialized tablet applications for B2B products optimized for medicine, logistics, construction, kiosk applications, etc.

Data dashboard design

We develop data visualization that gives a lot of info to analysts, allows them to receive the info, and makes adequate decisions. We will also design custom dashboards for monitoring software business.

Promotion website design

We work only with custom designs, where it is necessary to implement business and marketing requirements, and never work with template solutions to promote online business.

UX design cooperation opportunities

We have developed three types of cooperation that will cover your design needs as much as possible and will stop you from spending extra money.

Part-time designer

No matter how large the product is, a full-time dedicated designer is almost never required. So instead of hiring a staff, it is better to work with us - you will get a senior designer with extensive experience at a very reasonable price because you will only pay for hours actually worked.

Dedicated designer

If you have so much work that you need a full-time dedicated designer, then here you can hire a UI / UX expert to work monthly only on your project. The designer will not be distracted by other work and will be 100% assigned to your product. So you can reach him anytime and get the full project update.

Fixed cost project

Sometimes, you need design cooperation just at a certain stage. Such as small projects for MVP creation, presentations, concept visualization, and prototype design can be done at a fixed price. Design is always preceded by a research and discovery phase.

Design stages

Step by step we will help you achieve a perfect design that is easy to the user and intuitively suggest how to use your software product.

1 step

Request study

Analysis and detailing of features offered by the client

2 step

Competitor analysis

Identifying the moments where your product can be better

3 step

User research

Defining of the behavioral tangs of users and their work patterns

4 step

Creating layouts

Only wireframes to display the functionality and workflow

5 step

Clickable prototype

We make clickable wireframes to try out workflow, convenience, etc

6 step

Final design

The same prototype but in a design with graphics and all the delights

Why to hire our web design team?

We work hard to create a safe and confident custom  support processes.

Gained experience

We have designed over 30 custom products for the last 10 years and gained new experience at each one.

Responsible employees

Specializing in custom products, we have built a strong team of analysts for quality product design;

Diverse specialization

We will cover all your design work in the best possible way - we employ designers with different specializations;

Binding to marketing

With vast experience in marketing and promotion, we understand business needs very well.

Front end design is the software beginning

Whatever stage your project is at, get in touch with us to discuss it. It is FREE and we engage fast. Our design department will help you to develop ergonomic UX, web and mobile designs, as well as 2D/3D illustrations.

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