Great Britain, 2016 - Present
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Courier network and communication SaaS tool

Communication between freight companies become easier! It helps users to find new partners and agents, documents and feedback exchange, rates posting, chatting, etc. It’s a professional network for courier and logistics workers. Implemented as a B2B SaaS tool it connects service providers and customers in the transportation industry closing their communication needs and helping to optimize processes.


Built with:

Java Spring Boot Hibernate Web Sockets JavaScript ReactJS Redux Saga React Hooks Microfrontends Jasper Reports PostgreSQL Cassandra Redis AWS Jenkins Kubernetes Docker Thucydides Selenium WebDriverMicroservices SerenityJUnitCypress Jest Enzyme

The story

This project was a continuation of our other brainchild. Our customers with a huge experience in the transportation domain found a serious gap in the industry - a lack of a communication tool for courier service providers and their customers. A lot of inefficient business communication is happening between professionals and freight customers.

The team

After working in the logistics industry for many years with all the understanding of its specifics, it was easy for us to architect this platform. We created a team of 4 key people with logistics experience: a business analyst, 2 lead senior developers, and a back-end architect. This team grew into 13 people in 5 months and became cross-functional and self-sufficient.

Becoming a SaaS

Originally this tool was planned to be a part of another customer's logistics SaaS system. We focused on designing and architecting the main features of this communication tool to test them on its real customers so we had quite a big list of existing early adopters. After polishing this solution and gaining positive feedback from its clients, we redesigned this tool into a SaaS platform with a subscription model and set up an additional business for our customers.

Long-lasting support

Supporting this logistics SaaS solution in the long term phase was a serious challenge because it went through several transformations and pivots. The stabilization phase took around 6-8 months to find the best market fit and polish the monetization model. During that time our technical team varied to always stay cost-effective and provide the development speed according to the business requirements.

Major Features

  • Professional Contacts Network building;
  • Messenger freight systems;
  • POD exchange;
  • Feedback exchange;
  • Freight rates posting;
  • Professional info sharing.


The main challenge from DB point of view was to support single users DB among all customer products.

jasper reports integrationReporting

We use Jasper reports for data analytics.





  • Web part: Java, JavaScript, React
  • Mobile: Java, Swift
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Selenium, WebDriver, Thucydides, GIT
  • DBs: PostgreSQL, Cassandra
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