Logistic Network App

Communication between freight companies become easier! The application helps user to find new partners and agents, documents and feedback exchange, rates posting, chatting etc. It’s some kind of professional logistics network for those who work in transport domain worldwide.

portfolio project

Team: 6 engineers

March, 2016 - present

project management cloud  Great Britain

instant messanger developmentTask

This project was a continuation of our other brainchild. We had to create web and mobile app from scratch. It serves the needs of middle managers and specialists in logistics domain and helps their cooperation using the instant messenger application. Both versions are developed with the same functionality to make the logistics network configuration as easy as possible even on the way, from any location.

Major Features

  • Professional Contacts Network building;
  • Messenger freight systems;
  • POD exchange;
  • Feedback exchange;
  • Freight rates posting;
  • Professional info sharing.


The main challenge from DB point of view was to support single users DB among all customer products.

jasper reports integrationReporting

We use Jasper reports for data analytics.





  • Web part: Java, JavaScript, React
  • Mobile: Java, Swift
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Selenium, WebDriver, Thucydides, GIT
  • DBs: PostgreSQL, Cassandra
mobile ecg device

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