Sweden, 2018 - Present
8 engineers

Referee training simulation SaaS for football companies

A revolutionary way of training football referees with VR experience, referee signals, whistle, and card recognition. A complete 3D simulation environment with running experience.


Technical stack includes:

Java Spring Boot Hibernate Spark ReactJS Redux Material UI HTML5 CSS3 PostgreSQL Casandra Mongo Redis AWS Jenkins Kubernetes Docker Kibana Kafka Silenium

The innovation

This system was supposed to simulate real football and violations, in order to make it possible to quickly gain practice playing virtual football and watching virtual violations, and not gain experience playing offline, where players risk getting real injuries. Thus, a student can learn in a few months instead of years as in real life.

The challenge

We had to develop a very natural running in place simulation. The classic treadmill didn't suit us as it didn't look natural. Also, it was impossible to manually create the animation of violations due to the implausibility, because the system has to display everything in detail. Another challenge that we faced is to create recognition of judges cards using VR.

Our role

In this startup, we have fully implemented the entire technical part and performed all the CTO functions. We have solved the problem of creating 3D animation of violations during the game. We have developed a unity application that simulates the game using VR. Also, we created a very cheap on-site running simulation technology using a gyroscope with bluetooth, VR tracker and TRX.

The team

Our team consisted of six people: CTO, a project manager and requirements analyst in one person, a 3D animator, 1 Unity developer, 1 openCV and computer vision developer, backend developer and a database architect in one person, and QA. The CTO of the project and the 3D animator were directly involved in the creation of the simulation using Motion Capture.

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