USA, 2017 - 2018
9 engineers

Security validation platform for enterprises

A family of tools to help identify weaknesses in security organization, suggest security framework and architecture and embed in an enterprise structure.

Technical stack includes:
Java Spring Boot Hibernate Spark ReactJS Redux Material UI HTML5 CSS3 PostgreSQL Casandra Mongo Redis AWS Jenkins Kubernetes Docker Kibana Kafka Selenium

The goal

We were approached to develop a system that can automate enterprise security audits. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, the client clearly understood the product's first version. Their team consisted of a CTO and a security audit expert but no competent developers.


To detail their list of requirements, we brought in our requirements analyst and UI / UX designer and formed an accurate specification for the MVP. Thus, their list of requirements was turned into a detailed development plan in three weeks. UI / UX design was created in two weeks.

The collaboration

We formed a team that developed the MVP in 4 months and the client immediately started using it for early adopters. Further, our team continued to support and develop this product for another 1.5 years, implementing features on the road map provided by the client.

The team

Our team consisted of 9 people: a project manager and requirements analyst in one person, 2 front-end developers, 2 backend developers, 1 DevOps,  UI / UX designer and 2 QA. Later, the team was reduced to 5 specialists when the project entered the support stage.

marketing automation

Security Program Assessment

The platform allows assessing every aspect of the client's environment, from technology to network structure and endpoints, to create a comprehensive, multi-year roadmap to bring the client's security program to an ideal future state.

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