Canada, 2014 - 2017
6 engineers

White Label Medicine Planning & Selling SaaS System for Drug Stores

Developed for the Canadian market, it helps people to search and select a medication or use a written prescription to order drugs online, browsing a wide selection of OTC products. Implemented as a SaaS, it helps drug stores expose their products to people and start selling online more efficiently, targeting the right people and doing custom personalized suggestions.


Technical stack includes:

.NET MS SQL JQuery Mobile Cordova Phonegap HTML5 CSS3 Google Analytics API Azure Kubernetes Docker


A customer's first goal was to refactor the code and fix many issues. We received a working application written by other developers, which is always a pain. We started with a code and architecture review and then developed a refactoring plan.

Joining the team

The customer's in-house team in Canada lacked expertise in mobile applications with Cordova, doing data analysis and drill-down UI/UX design and front-end development. Most of the in-house team worked on back-end and server maintenance.

Transparent relations

There were eight engineers on the in-house team. We created an "extension" team of 6 engineers. We helped the customer to organize all collaboration in the bigger team. It took us two months to polish our relations, incorporate better management tools and scrum methodology. The whole team was controlled by our project manager who reported to the local CTO. We set up as transparent relations as possible for smooth and productive collaboration.

The result

Within six months, we managed to remake all UX and make it more user-friendly and oriented toward non-technical people, refactor the code, eliminate many bugs and inconsistencies, increase front-end performance, and fix tons of issues with Cordova and PhoneGap. That was a great example of helping a SaaS product to quickly close all their vacancies and settling down an offshore team that fit perfectly into the development process collaborating as one team with in-house engineers.

Mobile application

We automated the process of filing a personal profile in the system. The user can send photos of insurance or checks or scan the credit card number and the data is pulled into the profile automatically. As well as, the user can place an order by scanning the barcode of a certain medicine.

The user can repeat the delivery and payment method from the previous order if the purchase was done earlier and repeat the order itself. Also, the user can send a photo of the prescription or contact details of the doctor and thus place an order. 

Management panel

This interface was designed for pharmaceutical companies that sell their products. This panel helps to fill in all information about pharmaceutical products, put them up for sale, and control the process of selling products.

The panel user can monitor user behavior and track their interests (for example, which product is preferred). Also, when selling products, the user can process orders and issue invoices.


Reporting and data visualization

The dashboard was developed from various reports for store administrators so that they can monitor everything that happens. For this, our analysts have made data visualization and now the developed reports provide information on user behavior and purchase history using different filters by time and category.

Video camera features

To automate the filling and processing of user data, our team has created two plugins:

  • The plugin for the camera that scans a bank card recognizes the number, processes it, and saves it in the user's profile;
  • Plugin for the camera that scans and processes a barcode.

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