Canada, 2019 - 2020
5 engineers

Car Selling SaaS Platform Connecting Retailers, Agents, and Buyers

A horizontal SaaS tool to take over the whole process of selling and buying cars. It handles the needs of three layers of users: retailers, agents, and buyers. It simplifies all relations between retailers and agents, giving agents an easy way to sell cars online and earn a commission. For buyers, it delivers information about cars quickly and helps to manage everything that happens with their cars during their life cycle. For used cars, it makes their history transparent thus eliminating any kind of fraud.


Technical stack includes:

Java Spring BootHibernate ReactJS Material UI Spark MongoDB MySQL AWSZabbix Kubernetes DockerJenkinsGraffana

The problem

The customer came to us with a SaaS tool developed by a team of remote freelancers without UI/UX design and good MVP planning. They spent two years and developed a lot of functionality that was hard to use. The source code lacked architecture and was hard to support and modify. Due to bad business planning, no delivery attempts were made. The project was jammed in a constant loop of changes

The team

The team was not big at all, but we had to redesign this SaaS, so we started with a very senior business analyst, product specialist, and UX designer working together to repackage this solution and plan MVP. After that 1 senior front-end architect and 2 developers refactored and redeveloped the core of this solution and implemented the new design. Altogether they spent 3 months on this work, but this pushed the product to the market.

The solution

After reviewing all their business and development process, we came to a decision to redesign a certain part of the functionality and launch it to the market to start selling to early adopters. We made a three weeks redesign sprint and designed a minimal product. Many features that were hard to access became available on only four main screens. After the redesign, we refactored its UI/UX to implement it.

Business launch

The hardest part was to convince the customer to launch a minimal set of features and do sales. Another tricky thing was analyzing the market and people's needs to make MVP complete but still as minimal as possible. We found a beautiful way to start selling this to only retailers solving their troubles and giving them a technology to work faster and smoother. So, the business finally started after 2 years of blind development.

saas for retail

SaaS for retail companies

This application provides the entire business backend for companies that sell cars. Integration with ERP systems allows you to integrate all financial information about sales and vehicles. All parameters, characteristics, contacts, and employees of the company are considered in this system.

The system also sees the accounting of the history of the rendered sales service, assessments, and the quality of the sales agents.

Car information for customers

Buyers also use this system. For them, an accounting of all information on the car was developed: documentation, videos, driving instructions, and other histories of maintenance.

car information
agents and sales

Agents and sale process

Another user role for which this system was created and simplified the work is sales agents. They can be from different companies or the same agent can work in several companies and sells cars to different customers. This SaaS system collects everything that is necessary for the sales process conducted by the agent: from the first day of the car's life to the third or fourth resale. The system saves all information about car owners, price changes, etc.


Different dashboards have been developed for all three user roles that display relevant information depending on the user role. This can be all sorts of documentation and information on sales, sales activities and ratings, price information, and technical reports.


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