Great Britain, 2015 - 2017
5 engineers

Real estate crowdfunding SaaS portal to collect investments

A fully featured FCA compliant real estate crowdfunding platform, which allows any person to start own business with minimal investments. People invest in real estate properties and earn revenue when they are sold. The system controls all financial flows starting from deposits and up to revenue withdrawal.


Technical stack includes:

PHP Symfony2  MySQL Behat HTML5 CSS3 AngularJS jQuery

The task

Our goal was to create a clear and simple web system, directed to crowdfunding for real estate financing and investments. As a result, with only 1000 pounds, anyone can invest in real estate and receive a monthly income from interest. We put our best efforts to create a user-friendly system so any common user will be able to control his/her own account. We truly believe that crowdfunding solutions bring the real estate business to a new level.

FCA Compliance

To receive the FCA, you have to complete a questionnaire in your profile and choose the type of investors, who you prefer to be. Also, as a part of the FCA process, we check people's passports with the ID3 system. Once the person has registered, he/she gets a secure client area that contains all information relevant to the investments including current balance, interest paid, and any property details or legal packs. The client can change any info with an in-place editing option.

Real estate industry

Real estate is a major business creating billions of dollars in income yearly, and there are abundant open doors for business visionaries to turn a benefit. Last year there were more than 200,000 companies working in the private financier and administration field, which created $200 billion in income; there were 35,000 organizations working in the business and administration field, producing $35 billion in income. You don’t need to be a businessman to generate income in the industry.

Our role

After working through all the client's requirements, we assembled a team of five people and began work on the project within a week. Our business analyst and architect started working on task scheduling and the hardest part was working on all the financial algorithms and payment methods which changed several times during the project. Then we developed an MVP that was sent to FCA compliance and worked on their requirements for the next 4 months.

Crowdfunding custom platform

Crowdfunding allows you to get financing without the participation of banks, venture capital funds, or exchange. The process has become much simpler and more democratic. The undoubted advantage is also the personal interest of the person who supports the project. Сrowdmove project is the type of Joint Stock crowdfunding and Royalties, when people support the project in exchange for a share in the business or in its revenues, respectively, they still rely on the interest of the company, its faith in the future and are in constant contact with the creators.

how to invest in real estate
how to invest in real estate

Financial features

The site was designed for the average user, who will be able to intuitively find any information in seconds. This is particularly important when it comes to money. Any investor can view the history of his/her investments and money transfers, income and withdrawals report from the personal account. All funds are legally secured against either the property or land asset and ring-fenced away from the company.

Crowdfunding and MangoPay

All transactions are conducted through the MangoPay system. The whole payment solution that is needed for crowdfunding is in reality much more complicated since, at every stage of the movement of money, you must be legally clean. Therefore, look at the diagram, which shows the entire financial path.

investment in real estate

FCA & Financial Security

We stayed with clients throughout all checks and implemented all technical requirements. One of the most important features of the project is obtaining mandatory confirmation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which provides:

  • Market confidence: support the credibility of the financial system;
  • Public awareness: Contribution of public understanding of the financial system;
  • Consumer protection: providing the required level of consumer protection;
  • Reduction of financial crime: reducing the use of business opportunities for the purposes of financial crime.

Design and UI/UX

The design aims to ease the search and obtain the necessary information, so the site is not overloaded with a large menu and includes only the most necessary pointers. Due to the WYSIWYG editing, you can see the result of your corrections immediately. Moreover, a manager of the web site will be able to create various landing pages in the framework of the same design, but still pretty unique. Color solution of the web site is not irritating to the eyes during prolonged use.

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