Israel, 2019 - Present
5 engineers

A marketplace for security audit and testing services

An innovative marketplace for security testing services that makes complicated and expensive security audits to be simple, fast, reliable and much cheaper, thus more affordable for smaller and medium companies. 


Technical stack includes:

Java Spring Boot Hibernate ReactJS Redux Material UI HTML5 CSS3 PostgreSQL Python AWS Jenkins Kubernetes Docker

The goal & revolution

A security audit Israel company invented an amazing automated method to test 90% of all potential security vulnerabilities and holes in web sites and applications. They approached us with the goal to turn it into a world wide marketplace and sell this technology to small and medium companies making security testing affordable and cheaper for everyone thus reducing amount of security issues to minimum.

Our engagement

We joined this startup to solve all technical issues and create a marketplace from scratch. Guiding the customer through lean startup methodology we developed 3 different plans giving them a flexibility to choose the most desired and affordable way. We worked for 2 months to nail down a development roadmap and negotiate MVP features to minimize the cost and spend investments wisely.

Tight collaboration

Part of our team traveled to Israel to work tight with the business team and fully understand the business. We spent a week working together in their office and eliminated any communication obstacles to move forward smoothly and effectively. We built a bigger product roadmap and then 2 different MVP detailed plans to choose.

The big future

The development team we created is now being optimized for a long term support required during post MVP phase and testing this solution on early adopters. The business core team is starting sale activities while our company provides all technical support and aims to create an offshore marketing team to promote this product world wide.

more information is coming soon...

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