UK, 2016 - 2018
7 engineers

Document management SaaS for pharmaceutical companies

Simplifies and organizes event management, document change and versioning tracking in pharmaceutical manufacturing making all that user-friendly, easy and simple. Implemented as SaaS system it elliminates any expenses for pharmaceutical companies connected with their own old-school software they still use today.


Technical stack includes:

Java Spring Boot Hibernate ReactJS Redux Neo4j BigQuery Google Data Studio PostgreSQL AWS Jenkins Kubernetes DockerSeleniumJUnit

The problem

Our client wanted to create one and only system that handles everything that happens with pharmaceutical documents within their endless life cycle. Pharmaceutical production companies use a combination of many CRM, ERP, document applications poorly integrated and not optimized for pharmaceutical specifics. Using them is difficult, they are very slow and non-intuitive. Alternatives are either unusable or cost a lot.

UI/UX challenge

The biggest part of employees in pharmaceutical industry who manage document changes, are 50+ years old. They still use and like standalone applications of the previous age and don't recognize modern web UX standards. They use older version of MS Windows and don't update them. We created a web application that utilizes MS Windows UI style and all their favourite UX components such as trees, tables, etc. They accepted UI and workflow we created.

The solution

The goal was to develop a system that will horizontaly pierce the whole manufacturing process and handles every stage, task and state of any document minimizing human labor and hassles. We studied the full document flow and a job of each and every employee and completely redesigned this process. We made it totally dedicated and optimized for pharmaceutical needs.

The result

The new solution was used for one of our early adopters in the UK and we helped this company to migrate all their documents and data into the new platform in the meantime polishing it and implementing feedback from employees. Stabilizing MVP and shifting all employees to the new principles took 6 months. This system awaits for more investments now to proceed with development and sales.

coming soon...

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