USA, 2019 - Present
7 engineers

Customer online consulting SaaS platform for retail stores and sale agents

Giving retail companies a SaaS tool to serve customers using a touchless interface and real-time voice communication on kiosks. It helps stores to outsource buyer consulting and make it fully on-line, at the same time letting clients get comprehensive information on any products they want to buy.


Technical stack:

C# .NET Core 2 EFCore React Native VueJS NodeJS MS SQL Redis Azure Azure Active DirectoryAzure Blob Storage Azure SOA REST API Docker Kubernetes

The task

Our task was to create a system from scratch, but at the same time, it had to be integrated with what had already been created before. Accordingly, we had to plan a development plan for Scrum according to the client's requirements, taking into account also the design, architecture of the backend, and deployment.

The team

The team consisted of 1 PM and requirement analyst, who organized all the work on the Scrum project and controlled the entire process, reporting regularly to the client; 1 data sceince and computer vision engineer; 2 NET developers, 2 QA specialists, because the project is quite complex and there were many testing tasks; 1 Mob developer for tablet version; 1 Devops for Microsoft architecture support and 1 JS developer for front end.


We had to work with another offshore development team that made the previous system. This collaboration allowed us to understand how the previous system works and how the API specification works in order to implement the entire integration and test it. The smooth and perfect collaboration allowed us to complete the task within the shortest term.

Post MVP phase

After the MVP was built, tested, and released, this tool was sold to its early adopters. The feedback was received immediately. The development team stayed with this customer and his project working on new features, and updates. While post MVP phase we worked on a few pivots and changes adapting this software to clients and users.

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