USA, 2019 - Present
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Customer Online Consulting SaaS Platform for Retail Stores and Sales Agents

SaaS tool for a retail company to serve customers using a touchless interface and real-time voice communication on kiosks. It helps stores outsource buyer consulting and make it fully online while letting clients get comprehensive information on any products they want to buy.


Technical stack:

C# .NET Core 2 EFCore React Native VueJS NodeJS MS SQL Redis Azure Azure Active DirectoryAzure Blob Storage Azure SOA REST API Docker Kubernetes

The task

The client needed a whole new SaaS platform for retailers, so our task was to build a system from scratch, but at the same time, it had to be integrated with what had already been created.  We had to create a development plan for Scrum according to the client's requirements, considering the backend's design, architecture, and deployment.

The team

The team consisted of 1 PM and requirement analyst, who organized all the work on the Scrum project and controlled the entire process, regularly reporting to the client; 1 data science and computer vision engineer; 2 NET developers, 2 QA specialists, because the project is quite complex and there were many testing tasks; 1 Mob developer for tablet version; 1 DevOps for Microsoft architecture support and 1 JS developer for Front-end.


We had to work with another offshore development team that made the previous system. This collaboration allowed us to understand how the previous system was built and how the API specification works to implement the entire integration and test it. The smooth and efficient collaboration allowed us to complete the task quickly.

Post-MVP phase

After the MVP was built, tested, and released, this tool was sold to its early adopters. The feedback was received immediately. The development team stayed with this customer and his project, working on new features and updates. During the post-MVP phase, we worked on a few pivots and changes in adapting this software to clients and users.

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Virtual Sales Platform

The SaaS platform provides the client’s customers various tools and capabilities to enable reps and foster productive virtual sales interactions. 

The main functionality includes the device (phone, tablet or laptop) and the application that connects customer with the remote sales consultant.

Admin Panel

One of the client’s main requirements was to provide functionality for convenient platform management. So, to manage the virtual sales platform was developed an admin panel that allows easy adding and removing new contractors, assigning roles (e.g., supervisor, admin, operator, etc.) and customizing their permission. Also, we've designed a dashboard to complete an overview of the team’s key performance data - number of customer's connections, average connection time, successful sales rate, etc.

Device Management

Device control was another critical issue for our client. To keep the device in working order has been added device management solution. All devices automatically receive the latest software updates, detecting device is online or offline and the entry record system.

Also, we added a device location tracker to secure devices from stealing.

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Face Detection

The face detection software was integrated to encourage customers to interact with the SaaS retail platform. Depending on the software setting, it sends a message on the device screen or starts a call with a sales consultant.

Integration With Communication APIs

For a smooth connection between customers and consultants, the platform is integrated with a Twilio API, which allows excellent communication quality and implements a callback function in case of a connection failure.

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