Hardware Development

We offer a full cycle hardware development starting from idea to ready-to-manufacture stage with more than 15 years experience in designing electronics.  Our engineers have a proven track records of completed projects of customers from USA, EU, Australia, New Zealand and China.


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business analyticsActual hardware

While designing your hardware we are looking to the future and follow the latest trends in order to make your device up to date.

business analysisEmbedded  software

Electronics doesn't only demand hardware level designing but should be well matched at a low-level programming.

business analysisProfessional approach

After the review of Customer's application, our experts will be ready to offer the most appropriate hardware software development solution.

End product and Tech support

We choice experts that can quickly and seamlessly complete your technical challenges


                     Quality product

We will make sure that your Product not only meets the requirements of price/performance ratio but also has a unique and perfect design. Our development meets the requirements of standards FCC, IC, CE, IPC.

               Detailed documentation

We will guide you through the whole hardware development cycle implementing your ideas and requirements step by step and turning them into a profitable and successfull product.


One of the key assurance activities for any hardware project is expert evaluation and assessment of the technical requirements, that need to be evaluated by multiple experts with varying expertise.


System architecture

Our professional team are skilled enough to assure that the system architecture and ICs (CPU, MCU, FPGA, ASIC) will be optimized, topical and ahead of time.

OS and drivers

OS should be adjusted to hardware solution for the needed functionality and energy consumption, and the drivers have to be approved for stability and reliability.


Choosing materials (plastics, ceramics, metals) in accordance with operation conditions (temperature, humidity, underwater usage, impact strength).


We are skilled in designing of different hardware, embedded software, wireless channels, video and audio processing modules, iOS and Android hardware development, energy-efficient power supplies, specific optics, etc.

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