How to build a business on crowd investments?

Dec 22, 2016
Crowdfunding for business became very popular among startups. Check our article and learn more about how to create an ideal tool for this kind of business.

Infographics: Startup cost. Do you know the price of your idea?

Dec 22, 2016
Launchnig a new startup can be quite excited and challenging at the same time. Let's count how much money you need for the main spending pattern in various countries aroun the world.

Main expenses in custom software development

Dec 02, 2016
Check the latest trends how to succeed in project management and get the clear picture where to direct your budget.

How we build our work flow

Nov 10, 2016
We follow certain steps to make the development process as convenient and efficient as possible for our customers.

Application design and cross-platform development

Nov 07, 2016
Are you thinking of creating a new application? Then you need to ask yourself four important questions before you can offer your customer that incredible and unique app.