Cerri case

Today we would like to share witih you our incredible experience that we achieved on Cerri project.

Cerri is a new reincarnation of an old project management web application developed in 90th. Mr. Patrick Cerri is a founder of this project management methodology. He set up the GeniusProject in 90th with the aim to deliver the best project management solutions and succeed. Being the first and the most recognized company’s product, Genius Project gained the worldwide famous customers such as Toshiba, Hitachi etc.

After 10 years of success on the market the decision to redevelop the Genius Project using the mainstream technologies keeping its efficiency and leadership came up to mind. The new market requires new solutions so in 2014 Cerri have been brought up to life.

In 2014, the work on Cerri has begun. The idea was to create the global management complex consisting of more than 6 separate products. The Ardas team of 14 developers, BA, and two QA specialists took the challenge in the project development.
Cerri includes such features as task management, scheduling, data management, search and filtering that allow you to easily build the team management. Cerri is continuously improving, so the new features and solutions are adding to build the powerful and complete system.
If you like the case and would like to find more, check out our portfolio on Ardas web site.
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Your Ardas Team

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