Dec 06, 2016

Agile methodology to protect your WordPress site

These solutions do not guarantee 100% protection, but with their help you significantly improve the security of your blog.
Dec 02, 2016

Main expenses in custom software development

Check the latest trends how to succeed in project management and get the clear picture where to direct your budget.
Nov 30, 2016

Chrome will finish the era of HTTP

Google's promote for all websites to be HTTPS. At the same time, they mark with a large red cross every website that doesn't provide an encrypted connection.
Nov 25, 2016

Meet the newcomers - Eodyne!

Our team not only creates unique products, but also gets unique friends. We believe in the great future of each startup, which is described in our blog. Today we would like to tell you about the team that created something magnificent!
Nov 21, 2016

Drones In The Future

The future is not far off, and we look forward to it, because there will be so many interesting stuff that will make our lives easier and safer.
Nov 17, 2016

Do you attend industry conferences?

Ardas team often participates in industry conferences - fortunately, there are lots of them in our professional field. We are often faced with the opinion that it is wasting time and money, and we would like to disagree radically. Today, we want to share

Do you have a similar SaaS product that requires development?

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