Oct 26, 2016

How the bank of the future will look like?

Banking has hardly changed until very recently. Yes, in the early 2000’s we started slowly adopting telephone banking, then there was Internet banking, now there is mobile banking.
Oct 25, 2016

Meet the newcomers - Smart Moderation!

Today we want to introduce you to an excellent start-up, which can help you to solve the problem of "verbal garbage".
Oct 17, 2016

QA Fest 2016

In September 2016, Kyiv hosted QA Fest - the most ambitious conference devoted to software testing in Ukraine.
Oct 12, 2016

Top 5 benefits to build your own mobile app

Smartphone apps have become too important a marketing tool for small business owners to do without.
Oct 06, 2016

Cerri case

This article might be interested for those who are in constant search of how to simplify the task management process.
Oct 05, 2016

Fast-Growing Startup Industries

The forecast is looking sunny for hungry entrepreneurs who want to get an idea off the ground. What industries should prospective founders be the most excited about?

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