Effective team management and Human resource planning

We create an individual team according to your project needs.
Find out how we treat and invest in our human capital!

A carefully selected team is only half the battle!

Individually gathered team

Gather your team according to your project

Each project is individual and that is why each team and its members are chosen individually based on project needs, in order to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

No resourcing pain

No resourcing pain

All resources are completely under our responsibility. You won’t have a headache associated with recruitment anymore. We will even take care of building teamwork for your project.

Prompt task performance

Outstaff opportunities

Find skilled individuals to extend your team for long-term projects. Get a fresh eye eliminating exhausted recruitment experience.

Advanced methodologies

Advanced methodologies

Using best practice and advanced methodologies we deliver consistent high level results based on the latest technologies.

Our principles in effective project management

Our unique approachOur unique approach

We have an individual approach to each clients project. Gathering specialists depends on the skills required for the project. As a result, even the smallest project can include a lot of people. Documenting our delivery processes is very important to both our clients and us alike.

Project management orchestrationProject management orchestration

Each project is assigned a Project Manager who will own the project. The Project Manager will own all aspects of the project to including the creation of all plans, monitoring the operational performance of current tasks, preparing the reports and all client communications.

Highly efficient and value for moneyHighly efficient and value for money

We try to build teams of narrowly focused specialists to ensure project quality. However, prices are not dependant on the number of team members and you pay only for the amount of work and spent time.

Administration issues

Administrative control

Administrative control

Such nuances as can be expected in all aspects of company and staff administration remain our responsibility. We deal with these issues so you don’t have to.

Fiscal compliance

Fiscal compliance

Taxes and other costs also remain on our responsibility, that is undoubtedly beneficial for you, as the price of 1 workplace in Ukraine is much lower than in the US and the EU.

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The final flourish in team building exercises

Ukrainian experts all over the worldUkrainian experts all over the world

Ukrainian IT specialists are increasingly competitive world famous companies, and the country entered the top ten global players in the development field. Our main advantage is the high level of technical education and high skills of software engineers.

A few well known and recognized startupsA few well known and recognized startups

Ukrainian programmers created such popular startups as digital cleaner CleanMyMac, mobile scanner Scanner Pro, fast grammatical help Grammarly, music player VOX, selfie optimizer Looksery and many others.