Java Development Services

to build enterprise-grade software

With Java and its frameworks, Ardas develops secure, highly available, and scalable web and mobile apps. Following best practices of software development, we deliver products within the required time frame and according to your budget.

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Custom Java Development Services

Ardas provides full-cycle software development from consulting to product support.

Java SaaS Development 

Ardas specializes in developing custom high-load SaaS solutions.

Legacy Modernization

We ensure a modernization strategy tailored to your business needs.

Java Server-Side Soft Development

Our team works on the continuous evolution of your Java software.

Migrate Software to Java

We will do it one page at a time, keeping everything else running.

Java Integration Services

With the help of integration, we ensure consistency of data.

Ardas is a provider of IT consulting and Java development services based in Ukraine.
We have deep expertise in building SaaS solutions and complex web applications for different niches.
What Is Ardas?
  • 17 years in Java development
  • 40+ experienced Java developers
  • Get to work on your project within 24 hours
  • Contracts bound to the USA jurisdiction
  • 130 projects ever made in all industries

Successful Java Development Cases

We have been working on a full cycle of custom software development in these projects from start to finish, providing to the customer all the expertise he needs.

Custom omnichannel marketing campaign automation platform

The team of 42 experts created a tool that sends around 2B of emails, SMS, and push notifications monthly, it is used by Toyota, Volkswagen, Shell, HiPP, BMW, Ferrari, Lacoste, etc.

  • 7 years on the market;
  • 70000 registered users;
  • 6% monthly growth;
  • 30% estimated costs.

Custom development of GDPR & CCPA compliance management tool

When the software was developed and stabilized we reduced the team to 5 engineersin total to optimize the costs, providing all technical support.

  • 3 years of cooperation;
  • Over 10M users in the database;
  • 15,000 requests every day;
  • Supporting Android, iOS, Facebook, Amazon games;

Custom Email template visual builder

Today 30 our experts are working to provide full-stack development and support for this SaaS including business and financial monitoring, drastically reducing all the costs for IT engineers.

  • 4 years of cooperation;
  • 163K registered users;
  • 11% monthly growth;
  • $15M estimated cost.

Custom courier SaaS platform for the transportation industry

We started with a dedicated team of 6 IT engineers in 2007 and today it is a large IT department that works closely with a core business team in the UK.

  • Trusted by over 7K businesses;
  • 170,000 loads per month;
  • 50,000 available vehicles;
  • £190M worth of contracts per year.


Using the best technology stack to develop high load and high performance web portals for big audience. Using big data for high load and performance…
Aleks Mladenovich
Courier Exchange
Since 2006, we have worked with the Ardas software development team on some of our most significant project developments and over that time developed a close and trusted relationship…
Symon Blomfield
Networks Presence
I have been working with the guys from Ardas Group for over 8 years on various projects for me and my clients all of whom are in the security, high tech communications and SaaS sectors…
Chris Cotton
Apprise Projects
Ardas worked closely with Infinox to translate business and regulatory requirements into specifications that could be reviewed by business and technology teams…
James Robins
CFO at Infinox Capital Ltd
Ardas is an amazing IT company that deeply understands the specific of start-up business. They are not just IT developers but experienced consultants when it comes to lean stat-up methodology…
Andrew Karol
We worked with Ardas to develop an online publishing platform. Ardas were an invaluable asset in helping guide us through the possibilities of Drupal, and to implement great solutions…
Tom Spence
Ardas are consummate professionals. They have great development and communication skills in software development and they know what it takes to build websites from start to finish…
Seth Brown
BlueTent Marketing
Ardas has been one of our most reliable partners for our most urgent and complicated projects. No matter how difficult the situation is, Ardas always steps up with solid performance…
Robert Jung
We have been working with Ardas on a few major development projects and they have been a good partner for us, listening to our needs and executing rapidly. Fast development cycles…
Hans Becker
Emunity edge
We have been working with Ardas for a while now and are very impressed with their technical knowledge. Their projects are handled well and the depth of experience is impressive.
Jason McMahon
We've worked with Ardas on several projects. They deliver fast and good. We like that they keep track of the latest movements in the open source community, and have suggested Ardas to several…
Roel De Meester

How does our custom software development company cooperate

Part-time team

Continuous support of your project by well-known engineers, cost effective, optimized for early growth phase

  1. Your project is assigned to certain people

  2. Little workload - no need to hire full time people

  3. No monthly payments - pay for only worked hours

Find the needed technologies

Dedicated team

Ideal for successful companies with massive workload that want 100% of full-time dedicated employees.

  1. Work only on your tasks - never switch to other projects

  2. Enough work to keep employees busy

  3. No recruiting and hiring  expenses - easy onboarding

Hire a dedicated team

Project outsourcing

Complete delegation of your software development without any difficulties, worries or even involvement.

  1. You have no IT resources - we do all the technical job

  2. No need to set up anything - we are fully ready to start

  3. We can start with any materials you provide

Develop a SaaS project

Why Hire Our Java Team?

We work hard to create safe and confident custom support processes.

Lack of Micromanagement

We will cover all your design work in the best possible way - we employ designers with different specializations;

No Staffing Pain

Specializing in custom products, we have built a strong team of analysts for quality product design;

Technology Expertise

Our team are constantly taking tech courses and exams to stay in the flow of the latest tech trends;

Result Ownership

With vast experience in marketing and promotion, we understand business needs very well.

Technologies for Java development

We use very different technologies, frameworks, and tools for Java project development and always pick up the most optimal combination for a customer to achieve the best result, reduce the cost, and speed up the development process.

  • Backend

  • Java
  • Spring (Boot, MVC, Data, Security, Cloud)
  • Frontend

  • ReactJS

  • VueJS

  • AngularJS

  • Clouds

  • AWS

  • Google Cloud

  • MS Azure

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Meet Our Java Development Experts

We understand the importance of defining a custom Java development budget. We strive to help you getting the highest return for the product you invested in. An open conversation about your budget can help us to minimize the expenses.

collaboration manager in custom software development



Nik Chernega

An expert in collaboration with customers on custom software development.

business consultant in custom software development



Dmitry Kresin

Ardas co-founder, developer in the past, an expert in software business.

delivery manager in custom software development



Ksenia Reznychenko

The head of delivery in Ardas responsible for long-term custom projects.

lead developer for custom software development



Egor Taldykin

The leading developer and architect coaching engineers in custom solutions.

We have been in Java application development services since day 1

If you need help with custom Java application development accurately meeting your requirements, get in touch with our experts and discuss the development solution. It is FREE and we engage fast. We will help you gathering right experts with big experience to find optimal Java software solution and deep understranding of a particular field.

Nik Chernega
Head of Partnreships