Application design and cross-platform development

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Creating new application, you have to ask yourself 4 important questions from “how to do it” series, which should be reviewed in details. Also, you should explain those point to the customer who wants to receive a unique app.

Why do you need to design an application?

Imagine what the Eiffel tower or the Empire State building would look like without a design plan. Everything in life needs a plan and your mobile applications are no different. From the project manager to the application developer, a clear understanding of requirements and expectations aids the design process.
Planning allows you to structure your ideas; anticipate and avoid unnecessary work in the early stages, whilst accelerating application development and reducing financial expenses.

How long is the mobile application writing process?

How long is a piece of string? One of our favorite customer questions is, “How long will it take to develop a mobile application?” We answer that a simple app for the web or mobile can be created in a month, but it really depends on the specifications.

However, a complex mobile application, which uses the maximum of particular operating system capacities, and designed in a particular brand style, requires 60+ days.

How to plan the workflow?

During work on the application, many different tools and processes are required, ranging from a clean sheet of paper and a pencil to sophisticated software for programming.

Creating processes of mobile applications include:

  • Formulate the concept;
  • Draw a mock-up;
  • Add a design based on the requirements;
  • Test.

What are the features of cross-platform application development?

We develop mobile applications for the Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone.

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From the personal experience we would like to note:

  • It is cheaper to create applications for devices running on Android, they occupy ¾ share of the world market. Also, the guideline in Google Play is not very strict.
  • It is prestigious to develop applications for iOS. The platform is always one step ahead, there are regular updates, enhancements, high quality requirements.
  • It is profitable for business to use both popular platforms. And in order to optimize the financial costs, be sure to order a cross-platform mobile application development.

Cross-platform mobile application development is the creation of a single application, successfully running on multiple platforms.

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