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How to integrate social media links from the standpoint of ergonomics and design? Find out the tips in our article!

The widespread use of social networking capabilities is one of the characteristic tendencies of Internet development these days. Social networks have long ceased to be a simple tribute to fashion and are used as an effective means of communication in a variety of areas: journalism, politics, trade, show business... Modern website not only tells some information but also creates a space for dialogue. An important task before the developer of the site or corporate mobile apps: to make work with the instruments of social communication was really comfortable and pleasant. We would like to initiate a discussion about the ergonomic aspects of various social tools. We hope that it will take part not only in the field of usability professionals and web design but also those who use social networks as a tool in their daily work: journalists, marketing specialists work with social media.

Site owners are increasingly turning to their integration with social networks. This practice poses new challenges for web developers and designers. The main task is to help with additional tools to ensure fame and recognition site owner in the information field. Easy to use, integration and adaptation - these are the three whales on which all work is built with social media. In this article, the problem of integration with social networking sites during corporate website development will be considered from the standpoint of ergonomics and design.

Information spread through social networks

In the electronic versions of periodicals and blogs, the function "Share" (that is, spread information in social networks) became widespread. Recently, this opportunity is available on a wide variety of sites. The goal is clear: to disseminate information in wide circles, to draw the attention of users to it, to get an opportunity of direct contact with the audience.

On the Dolce & Gabbana website, the access to the function of integration with social networks is almost invisible. To indicate this function, use a low-key icon. However, this icon is located next to the title of the publication, as it is usually done on the websites of press publications. But in order to be used for its intended purpose, the element must be noticeable and recognizable.

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Pharmaceutical company Watsons on their website uses a module based on a set of social buttons AddThis:

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The website of Sweden company Parknord, that was developed by Ardas team, is made in a minimalist style. Here there is only two social button (Facebook and Google+). Thus the site is not overloaded with unnecessary visual elements:
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  • Social buttons should be visible and to attract the user's attention;
  • Icons are better to place at the top of the page, under the heading of the text;
  • If you use third-party components, it is necessary to translate them into their mother tongue;

Attracting users to corporate Facebook accounts, Twitter, Youtube

Today, many official websites include links to your Facebook account, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr and so on. Using these links, you can quickly post information in social media, but it is possible to confuse the user.

Diesel Company places links to corporate accounts in the bottom of the web page; Links are decorated exclusively in the form of logos of the service:

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Ford Motor Company on its US site provides more detailed information clarifying that also has accounts on various social services. They placed on the main page of the site links to access their social accounts and corporate blog:

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Provide social communication

Some companies web application development executing on their websites so-called social plugins. Thanks to them, visitors can see what is published on the company's accounts in social services and add a company to the list of friends in social networks.On the WholeFoods website, there are special pages that display all messages to accounts on Instagram and Twitter:

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Like and Share

Many site owners use social buttons "Like" and "Share". Pressing this button, visitors can go to the page holders site on Facebook and see how many people have used this feature before.

American blog for women The Single Woman posted a counter, indicating how many Facebook users shared their articles:
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  • Use the "Like" or "Share" if the site is designed for a broad user audience.
  • It is advisable to put a counter on the site that records the number of clicks the buttons.

Sign in with social networks

Today for access to many sites is not required to register in the traditional sense (especially since many users find them tedious and consuming a fair amount of time): entrance via the existing accounts on popular social networks.

One of the world's leading e-commerce companies offers users enter the site through Facebook or Google. One need only click on the appropriate icon - and the screen will display a form for the administration username and password.

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  • Sign in with accounts on social networks should be used to speed up access to the site's services.
  • It is necessary to make such an entry was carried out as quickly as possible.
  • Preferably to place the tools to access through social networks at the top of the home page

Easy Commenting

The openness of the site to the general public these days implies the possibility of commenting on the materials. The organization of commenting is a very serious matter; Often it involves the participation of a person professionally engaged in communication with the user community.

Perfumery and cosmetic shops chain Sephora offers their visitors to express their opinions about the products they bought:
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  • If offered online services (goods) are focused on a broad user audience, it seems appropriate to allow for feedback via comments.
  • It is desirable, that the organization of dialogue with users was engaged by the expert on work with social media.Freedom of expression should be limited in scope: an excess of spam comments and "off-topic" can significantly degrade the image of the site.

At first, many site owners feared that the influx of users from social networks was more likely to be negative than positive, and did not use social integration tools. However, it later became clear that social networks have a number of undeniable advantages - if they are properly used.

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